Saturday, January 29, 2011

Photo a Day!!!

Yet another post to catch up with my photo a days!!!!

January 21st
This was a big night in the Holsapple house! Quinn had cereal for the first time!!! Mema held her, Dad fed her and I photographed and video taped! She was a surprisingly good eater! She didn't fuss or pull away...just was trying to figure out the whole swallowing semi-solilds thing! So there are THREE photos today - she was just too sweet! (ps - isn't her lil bib sweet? I made it for her!)

January 20th
This is a common scene at our house on weeknights. It seems Quinn's eating schedule is "perfectly" timed to Daddy's arrival from work! I am making dinner and Quinn is getting hungry right around when he walks in the door. So he will feed her on the couch and more often than not, they both fall asleep! Sometimes the bottle is still in her mouth!!! It is pretty cute!

January 19th
I took this photo from far away with Jeff's point and shoot. I really need to read the instruction manual for it so I can get better shots. So this one is really grainy. Monday's are gymnastics days but this was a make up from a snow day! This was Miss K doing beam work!!!

January 18th
Just a photo of normal daily stuff! Kennedy helping to change Quinn's diaper and tickling her tummy!
January 17
This was a holiday so no school for the kiddos! After gymnastics we stopped by Mema's and visited with our cousins. Kennedy and Logan had a blast dancing together to Yo Gabba Gabba songs! Again, I need to learn to use Jeff's point and shoot.;)

January 16th
Kennedy was invited to Miss Adi's birthday party! Her momma is a stylist and had all the girls to the salon. They got their hair AND nails done! All the girls had a blast of course!!!! Here they are making silly faces!
January 15th
In my quest to purge our home and reorganize, I dove into the kitchen today. I cleared out every single drawer and quite a few cupboards. It feels so good when you know where everything is! I even have an empty drawer now! Hopefully I can keep it that way until we find a "real" need for it - I don't want it filled with junk!

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