Wednesday, June 29, 2011


From now through August 31, if you make a project on Shutterfly and then embed it on your blog, you can get a $10 credit to Shutterfly!

Simply email the link to your blog post to:

It takes up to 10 business days for them to review the link and you can only do this one time.

I saw this offer on another blog, so I don’t know if it is for all projects or not, but it is worth a shot.

Here are 3 projects. The first one is a prayer book. Quinn was given one as a gift and I created one for Kennedy and our niece, Marin.

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This was a Father's Day card.

I Love Daddy Father's Day 5x7 folded card
Modern greeting cards and party invitations by Shutterfly.
View the entire collection of cards.

And a small photobook!!!

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Quinn's Dance Moves

Quinn is now able to hold herself up at her activity table! And dancing is the best part! Can't wait to see her moves progress!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Go Pink Panthers!!!

June Photo a Day Take 2

June Photo a Day Take 2....

June 15th
Jeff's Dad spent a week in Guatemala on a mission's trip. So we dogsat his sweet guy! All three dogs got along fabulously! Here they are sunning themselves on the deck! Looks like a dog pow-wow!

June 14th

Quinn likes to sit by the kitchen windows because they go to the floor. I got a decent shot of her and just was playing with some editing. :)

And another shot from that same day. I planted 3 bushes, transplanted 2 hostas, planted a strawberry plant and elephant ears and moved around some hanging plants and added more. This is just one hanging plant....again, playing with my edits!June 13th: no photo

June 12th
Yippee!!! The master bathroom renovation has begun! Jeff picked up the last of our supplies! They are all currently in the garage while we s-l-o-w-l-y work! This photo is of our new vanity top!!

June 11th
Kennedy was getting ready to leave for a week!! Since she was 2 years old she has gone to Iowa for a week and had "Grandma Camp" with my mom! You can't quite tell but their outfits are from the same line and coordinate wonderfully! *wink*

June 10th
Beach Birthday Bash for Vin! Kennedy's entire Kinder class was invited and it was a fabulous party!!!! Lots of swimming, water balloon toss, and bucket relay!

June 9th
The girls had their photos done today. After the professional shoot, we took them behind the concession/bathroom building and took some of our own. Here they are being silly!!!!

June 8th
Kennedy has always loved animals and bugs! On our patio we have an area that is very well shaded and many little creatures have made it their home. One summer it was some lizards! on this day Kennedy found lots of snails! She collected them all and put them in a pile! But that wasn't good enough, she had to hold them all and let them crawl all over her! Silly girl!

June Photo a Day Take 1

June Photo a Day...

June 1st
Sweet little Quinn in a fun summer outfit! One of her favorite things to do is stand up (with help) and bounce, bounce, bounce!!!!!

June 2nd: no photo

June 3rd
Driving up to Iowa for my cousin's funeral.

June 4th
The only positive thing about a funeral is that family all come together. It was refreshing to see so many family members....wish we could see each other more often under different circumstances. Below are Marin and Kay! (with Mom and Gigi in the background)

June 5th
After the drive back to Kansas we headed to cousin Elijah's 6th birthday party. Quinn was a happy camper because we were outdoors!

June 6th
Pool fun! There will not be as many pool shots this summer. It is much too hard to watch Quinn AND get photos of my other fish!

June 7th
Pink Panther T-Ball game!!!

Pink Panthers T-Ball

T-Ball season is in full swing (actually, it is almost over!) This is Kennedy's first year and she is enjoying it! Her team is made up of many of her Girl Scout friends and they are called the Pink Panthers!!!

Being that this is the first year, there are no outs, everyone bats and there is no score. In an hour we usually make it through two long, slow innings. :) All the girls have shown great improvement this month!

Kennedy is a lefty - but she throws with her right! In the progression of photos below she was playing by the pitching mound. She had fielded a hit and was throwing to first base!

When they bat the coach pitches to them 3 times. Then they go to the tee. Miss K does a great job and more often than not hits the coach's pitch!

Even Quinn enjoys the games - here she is clapping for her sister! (Ok, so she is oblivious of the game. But she loves the outdoors and will clap when you clap!)

This, however, is the typical stance of most of the girls while out in the field! Just a bit bored!!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Playing Catch Up

Trying to catch up at my Photo a Day......rounding out May.

May 31st
We met some friends from church at the KC Zoo today! It was a warm one! We ended up spending the majority of the day just the 3 of us and I totally enjoyed it! Kennedy loves animals and the zoo is always a hit. She enjoyed feeding deer, riding the train, riding the carousel with Quinn, and her favorite animal was the Squirrel Monkey. Feeding the Lorikeets is one of Kennedy favorite things to do. You get a small cup with a liquid in it, hold it in your hand and extend your arm. The birds just flock! At one point she had 2 birds on her arm! I love this shot because she wasn't expecting the bird to take flight and Quinn was looking too! We only got to enjoy half the zoo on this trip. Unfortunately on the Africa side a gorilla got loose! They stopped letting people head that way, so we headed home. But not until after we enjoyed some free Dip n Dots!!!

May 30th - Memorial Day
The pools opened this weekend so Kennedy was beside herself! The water was QUITE cold - I didn't even get in! But it was Quinn's FIRST trip to the swimming pool! Considering how cold it was she really enjoyed it and had lots of smiles for us!

May 29th
Celebration at the Station! One of my favorite traditions!! This year we talked the Elliott's into joining us! Kennedy and bff Taylor had a great time goofing off!!! (Hopefully I will have a post soon about Kennedy's outfit...Quinn was matching!)

May 28th
Doggie mini spa day! Kennedy and I brushed the dogs today...forever! They have so much hair it is ridiculous! We have always joked that Izzy has so much hair we could brush and never stop and still not get all the hair! Later Jeff played doggie dentist! He has a great tool that helps knock the plaque off the dogs' teeth. Kennedy helped out by shining a flashlight on the dog's mouth. And Quinn was extremely interested...can you see her trying to work her way into the mix?!

May 27th
Birds!! We have started our bird watching - hooray! Miss Kennedy and I have our trusty bird book out along with the rockin' binoculars . This year we will be keeping a bird journal. We will track the date, the bird type, where we spotted it, what it was doing and the time of day. Currently there are 4 bird feeders in the yard and one bird bath.

May 26th
T-Ball Season has officially begun! Be on the lookout for lots of photos of the Pink Panthers soon!

May 25th
A bad weather day! The horrible tornado had just struck Joplin days earlier. Storms had been cropping up all over the Midwest over the previous weeks and were all over the news. On this morning, the gals and I had gone to a friend's for coffee and playtime. We moms were discussing how our hostess's home didn't have a basement and what they would have to do should a tornado head their way. I kid you not, just then the tornado sirens sounded! We all just looked at each other and no one spoke! Someone turned on the television and we tried to make sure the kids were unaware. It appeared the storm was East of us so we started to breath easier. That is until the Sheriff's office called into the news station and said they were taking cover!!!! We all decided to throw the kids in the car and just head to our homes - and our hostess had a safe place to go as well! I snapped this shot as we were driving home. The gals and I spent much of the afternoon in the basement watching the news!

May 24th
Oops! Forgot to take a photo today!

May 23rd
Last day of Kindergarten!!!! There was a family picnic on the playground - even Mema attended! This is a shot of 2 of Kennedy's friends, Ava and Brady. Seriously...kindergarten is over???
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