Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten

Yup! Hard to believe but our little baby girl started Kindergarten today!!!!! And did you notice anything different about her?!? She got her hair chopped off! It was her idea and we all love it! She picked out her own first day of school outfit and I think she did a fine job!

Daddy went to work late so we could all go to school together! Kennedy wore shoes she hasn't worn before and by the time we reached the end of the block, she had started to get a blister! Thank goodness Dad gave her a piggy back ride most of the way!!! Here they are walking up the sidewalk to school!

We walked into the school the minute the bell rang for class to start! Can you believe it?! Late on her first day due to Mom and Dad!! But her teacher was super sweet and let me snap this photo quickly! There is no doubt she was excited to be there!!

After school we parents have to wait outside and the teacher brings the kids out. They must hug or high five Mrs. Stroup when they see their parent and then they can go. Here is Kennedy giving Mrs. Stroup a high five!
And a quick photo of the two of them! I am thrilled that Mrs. Stroup will be Kennedy's teacher! I have heard magnificent things about her and Kennedy already adores her! I see a good year ahead of us!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Trouble in the Basement

Ugh. Water. Basement. Ugh.

Yup. We had a pipe backup in our basement. Water likely slowly seaped out and into our wonderful carpet and onto our furniture. We haven't been home much lately and hadn't gone in the basement so we had no idea. I ran down there to grab something Wednesday night and my feet sloshed on the carpet. :( Jeff investigated and worked on it for a while before calling the pros.

We had to have half the carpet pulled out and some of the walls cut out where water had started to climb. For those of you who have seen our basement before, I am posting some photos so you can see the sad state it is in now.

Here is the shot of the home theater area....with the furniture moved around....
The little area where the water pipe backed up....

Along a side wall....
Looking from the theater area back to the bar....
Thank goodness for insurance!!! We are hoping this is fixed soon. I will keep ya posted!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Baby's New Nursery!!

While Jeff was in Honduras and Kennedy and I were in Iowa, three of my super amazing friends worked their tails off in our home! Christina, Trudi and Stephanie completely redid the nursery!! I am so amazingly blessed I can't put it into words! This was such an wonderful gift for our family!

Our nursery had been yellow and green - gender neutral. We didn't learn the gender before Kennedy and Sam were born so we wanted it to work for both a boy or girl. Now that we know this baby is a girl, they wanted to get our nursery all girly!!!! They got new bedding and completely repainted it all! Stephanie owns a super company called Frannies and she paints the most amazing murals! Trudi and Christina threw in their creative talent as well and the final product was amazing!!!!

Isn't this mural fantastic!?! Each little birdie on the flowers is a member of our family!
And this little blue bird high above us is sweet little Sam! I love that they included him!
Then there is our glider corner with these adorable lights! They are very soft so the light will be great for nighttime feedings! (and we WILL be recovering out old blue glider!)
And here is the new bedding!!!! SWEET!!!!
We are truly so blessed - I can hardly believe it!!! And in 6 short weeks a sweet little baby girl will occupy this room!!!!
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