Thursday, January 20, 2011

Photo a Day thru 1.14.11

We recently purged Kennedy's playroom. We found a spinning, light-up globe toy. Kennedy had forgotten she even had it! Now it has become one of Quinn's favorites! She loves to hold it and feel the vibration and tries to "eat" it!
It appears this must have been a rough day with Quinn! This is the only photo I took!

On this day we had a playdate with Micah and his mommy, Janet!!

Quinn is working on sitting steadily in the exersaucer. She likes it but is so dang skinny she often falls backward and struggles to pull herself forward again! I think in the next few weeks she will be strong enough to really love it!
Snow Day!!!! No school! We got a lot of snow! Maybe 5-6 inches....I can't remember now. Kennedy, the dogs and I had lots of fun playing in the snow together! Since she was tiny, one of Kennedy's favorite things about snow is eating it!

This was Chiefs playoff game day. (We lost. It was bad.) We went to the Neat's for a fun gathering! The kiddos were really enjoying Sophia's room!

Kennedy had just gotten her "report card" from first semester when Mema came to visit! They were reading through it together. Kennedy is excelling in all areas, just as we had hoped! She is one smart cookie!

Just a normal day around our home. Nothing too special. Just Kennedy fully enjoying being a big sis. Quinn just lights up when she sees Kennedy! And if she can hear her, she quickly turns her head to look for Kennedy. Sometimes Kennedy gets a bit too close, touches a bit too much, or is a bit too loud...but mostly they are best buds!

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