Monday, January 31, 2011

January Photo a Day

January photo a day continues.....

January 29
Both Kennedy and Quinn are sick. Fevers. Ugh.

January 28
See my poor little sick baby? I feel so badly for her. It just won't go away. :( This was Day 1 of the sickies.

January 27
Just a quick shot today - Kennedy eating breakfast before school.

January 26
Just a sneak of some sewing....the full outfit and tutorial will be coming!

January 25
Daisy Girl Scout meeting!!! They were playing Daisy to Daisy!

January 24 of my favorite kid's clothing stores in Kansas City has closed. This month was their last month in business. Once the store went 80% off I went shopping. I stocked up on Keedo goodness for the girls. Looks like if I want anymore Keedo I will be heading to Ebay.

January 23
Our church, Life Church, is doing a corporate study of the book "The Me I Want to Be" by John Ortberg. This was our first night meeting in our small group to discuss it. So far I am truly enjoying it!

January 22
We celebrated Aunt Kate's birthday this evening. I loved this photo of Quinn with Zoe in the back. They are 4 months apart and I am looking forward to the many get-togethers where they can become good buddies!

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