Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bath Painting

Little sisters always want to be like their big sisters......
...I hope Kennedy always enjoys showing her sister new tricks!

Here they are blowing bubbles together!

I made some "bath paint" with soap, water and food coloring.  Then I let them go to town painting the bathtub.  Kennedy definitely enjoyed it more than Quinn, but that was to be expected!

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Polar Express Party

 As I said in one of my last posts, we have been doing MANY fun things found on Pinterest.  When the idea to host a Polar Express Party popped into my head, I had only given myself less than 2 weeks to pull it off.  So I went straight to Pinterest and searched for fun stuff!  If you want to see my Pinterest board about Polar Express, you can find it HERE.:

As with any shindig or holiday, Kennedy wanted to help "decorate." So we had 4 signs to make sure everyone knew they were at the correct place and that they could find the basement theater.  :) Love that girl.

Being that I am who I am, we just HAD to do a craft. Well, not just one craft....THREE crafts.  Yup.  TEN kids on my kitchen floor with paint, glue, buttons....FUN I tell ya! Thank goodness for my mom friends that get their hands dirty and helped out!

Poor Quinn....she wishes she could make a craft too...

It doesn't look too bad afterward, right?!  I just put a vinyl tablecloth down and taped it in place.  It is so nice to just roll up the mess and toss it when they are finished.

These were 2 of the crafts.  Each child was a given a bag as they entered the house.  It contained all the items they needed for the crafts, plus their Golden Ticket and a Silver Bell just like from Santa's sleigh and the movie.  For the first craft, each kid got a bulb ornament.  I had previously written their name and 2011 on the bottom.  I then put brown paint on a plate and walked around so each child could dip their thumb in it.  They stamped their thumb on the ornament once or twice (or ten+ times!) and we let it dry.  While they watched the movie I drew in eyes, antlers and painted red Rudolph noses on each.  The popsicle tree took the most time. Kennedy and I pre-painted the sticks and I cut them to the correct lengths. I basically showed them a model and said "Figure it out - make a tree and decorate it!"  It was funny to see them try to put the pieces together and then glue them.  Decorating is always a blast, too!

This was the last craft.  Each child got a rectangular piece of foam.  I drew what was supposed to be a Christmas light wire on each piece.  On a plate, I had poured various colors of paint.  I walked around and let the kids dip their thumbs in the paint of their choice and press their thumbs to make the lights.  

Aren't my sweeties cute in their matching jammies?!  You know you must wear jammies to a Polar Express Party!  They wear them in the movie!!!

Next up....SNACK TIME! 
I made some homemade hot cocoa in the crock pot...not so good.  But we still had a hot cocoa bar with yummies to put in the cocoa.  I made a cookie dough dip from Pinterest...yuck.  But the kids loved the marshmallow pops, the oranges, the snack mix and eating marshmallows plain.  After the snacks it was movie time!!!  I was so tired by then I forgot to take photos of them actually watching the movie!  Oh well!

And I can't forget! I had printed out a game for the kids to take home and play with their families but I had run out of time to laminate them. Yes. I own a laminating machine.  Go ahead. Call me a dork.  Anyway, my dear mommy friend Janet laminated them while I finished their Rudolph ornaments.  Phew!  That party was a lot of work!  But totally worth it all. And  Kennedy wants to do it all over again next December!  Will it be a new tradition?  Check back next December to find out!

Family Weekend

We had a houseful this weekend!  My Uncle Tom from Texas came to visit along with my mom, her husband, my brother, his wife and their sweet girl, Marin. Oh, and Mom brought their dog, Roxie, too!
 There was quite a bit of time spent lounging (and quite a few naps - babies and adults alike).....
 But most of the time it was us watching the kids play and play and play!  There were toys strewn everywhere, sippy cups all around, snack cups dumped here and there, dogs jumping and sneaking in for attention and lots of smiles and giggles!
 Thank you to Tom for all these photos....I am too tired to upload and sort through  mine!  So another post may be coming !

 It is so fun now that both Marin and Quinn are old enough to walk/run and play together.  Marin is completely taken with Kennedy, or "Key" as she calls her! 
Thanks to all my family that made the trip to KC for a visit!  We love you bunches!!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Pinterest Menu

Pinterest Logo

If you haven't joined Pinterest yet, you are missing out!
I joined maybe 6-7 months ago and it is a favorite spot on the 'net!  I check in at least 2x a week!

Basically it is a giant corkboard online!  I used to try to bookmark sites that I liked or ideas that I saw online.  But I had hundreds of things bookmarked and forgot about them all.  With Pinterest, I can categorize my boards and "pin" things to them.  It is truly a genius idea!

One thing I have been using Pinterest for is new recipes.  I am NOT a fan of cooking.  At all.  And I need all the help (and practice) I can get.  So I wanted to share with you all some things we have tried here in our home that came from Pinterest, or that I pinned myself!

If you want to follow me on Pinterest you can do so here:Danielle's Pinterest

Let's get started!
Rainbow Cake How To!
Rainbow Cake.  We made these for Quinn's 1st Birthday Party!  It was a rainbow theme!  They are easy and super fun to make!

Baked Potato Soup
Baked Potato Soup.  This is a crock pot recipe...which I love.  ALL of use gave this two thumbs up!  It is VERY thick, so I think I will add either more broth or some milk next time.  But yummy!

Sweet & Sour chicken.  This was fabulous...lots better than I expected!!!

Home made mini deep dish pizzas.  We made these when Kennedy had a sleep over and each girl
put on her own toppings.  It was a hit!!!

Crock pot pizza soup.  Originally made this to take to my father-in-law.  He raved about it and I loved it!  So I made it again and Jeff loved it!  Kennedy, not so much...but she is quite picky.

Chicken parmesan.  It sounded so good.  But none of us cared for it.  Pretty blah.

These looked good but weren't anything special at all.

Breakfast casserole in the crock pot.  YUMMO!  Easy and good!

Apple Crisp
Apple Crisp.  We all gobbled this one up!  A go-to for sure!

Caramel apple cake with apple cider frosting.  I was beyond excited to try this one.  But it wasn't good.  The frosting ruined it. 

Mini Corn Dogs! Jeff and I liked this.  Kennedy says she likes the long corn dogs better.  But we will be making it again!

Chicken and dumplings in crock pot.  Jeff LOVES chicken and dumplings so I was eager to try it and see what he said.  His vote was a big YES!!!!

Sugar cookie dough dip.  Sounds delish!  But it wasn't.  Yuck.

I hope to share another Pinterest post soon!  We have done lots of fun activities that were found on Pinterest! Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Recap #2

You can find the first half of our Christmas celebrations at this post!   After our Christmas morning in our jammies, we headed to Mema's house for our traditional Cornish Hen Feast!!!!   YUM!! Aren't you jealous?!

The kids did a great job of eating and then playing before the present opening began!

And isn't my elf a cutie?!
And of course Miss Q and Miss Z were adorable in their holiday outfits!    But now it is on to the GIFTS!

I just LOVE these photos!  Mema gave each family a Wii for Christmas!  Check out the look on EVERYONE'S faces!!!

Yeah, HUGE HIT FOR SURE!  We have been playing Wii a ton over the break!  I think once school begins again we may need to put a time limit in place!  

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