Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fourth of July Take 2

Roasting marshmallows on the beach waiting for fireworks!!!!!

Kennedy and Joe tubing!!!!! Kennedy's very first time!

Kennedy and Ben at the parade!!!
There was lots of jumping off the dock!!!!
Here, Kennedy and Ben show Owen how to dance!!!
And some sweet shots of Miss Marin and Mr. Owen!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Pirate 4th of July!

For our fantabulous Iowa 4th of July this year, we did the pirate thing again!!! The kids were older and totally loved it! Even the little ones Owen (above) and Marin (below)!!

You can see the our little pirate has quite the attitude! ARGH!
Here are the pirates with their pirate gear and pirate map!!!!
And of course - the pirate flag!!!!!
Pirate Kennedy again!!!
The three little pirates ready to seek treasure!!!!!

The pirates on their ship......Ahoy! TREASURE!!!!!!!
DIG DIG DIG!!!!!!!

Alright Mateys!!!! Check back in a few days for more July 4th photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

30w Perinatal Visit

I am sure you were all expecting a July 4th photo onslaught! Not yet!! We have exciting news!!!

Today was our third visit to the perinatalogist. I hadn't thought I was nervous but apparently I was...I felt sick all morning. All three of us arrived and we saw a different doctor. I know think we have seen all the doctors in the practice! But he was FABULOUS!!!

We confirmed that she is still a girl!! Or WOMAN as the doctor put it! Thank goodness since I have been collecting girly items like crazy! ;) He looked her over very well and walked us through everything he was looking at. Everything was measuring perfectly and working perfectly! The entire time we were looking at her Kennedy was quietly singing a little song about "baby girl" that I think she was making up as she went! It was soooo sweet!!!

We learned that she is 3lbs 5oz which is the 38th percentile! And she looks SO PERFECT that the doctor doesn't want to see us back again!! That was such amazing news! I thank God for creating this perfect little princess inside me!

Without further is baby #3 again!!!

First photo is a head on face shot....the alien view!!! With her left hand under her chin.

This photo is a sweet little profile photo! Isn't she PeRfEcT?!?!?!?

And yes, many, many July 4th photos will be on their way to the blog soon!!!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Swim Lessons!

Kennedy completed her first ever swim lessons this month!!! And she loved every minute of it! Luckily the lessons are at an indoor pool because it rained a lot for those two weeks! However, on watch day that meant it was super hot and loud and the lighting was stinky for photos!

A few days before lessons started Kennedy started to get a tad nervous. She was really worried the instructors would make her dive off the side! I tried to assure her that they wouldn't make her try anything she wasn't ready for and we walked through things she could say if she were scared or nervous.

But when I picked her up after her first lesson she had a HUGE smile on her face and said, "It was WONDERFUL!" She then looked forward to lessons every day!
Her main instructor was a boy named Luke. The secondary instructor was Megan. Kennedy was so thrilled!!! Miss Megan used to help out occasionally at her preschool! I was happy that she had someone she already knew!
Can you tell she wasn't a huge fan on the backfloat?! Check out that face!!! But now, two weeks after lessons, she is floating all over the pool by herself!!!

This was the end of lessons - they each got a sucker! And a certificate! Kennedy passed her level!!! I was so thrilled and so was she! Immediately she asked if she could start the next level the next week! Having your child master a skill like swimming is so fun to watch! Being that Jeff and I both spent so much time in the water as kids, we wanted Kennedy to be able to enjoy it as well! I think we first took her to the pool at 8 weeks old!!!! ;) She has always been comfortable in the water and now can get herself around the pool quite well! Way to go Kennedy!!!!
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