Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July Photo a Day

July 12th
The long drive back to KC. It rained off and on the entire drive home. But a rainbow greated us on the northern edge of the city!!!

July 11th
We were in Fort Dodge now visiting my Dad and his wife! Cousin Maxx came to "visit" with Quinn! He is about 2 months younger than Quinn. He was pretty unsure of her at first, but slowly warmed up to her. Unfortunately she then put him in a head lock and that was about the end of that!

July 10th
Today was Minnesota Aquarium and Mall of America Day. This photo was at the end of our time there. We saw a crowd of kiddos and saw they were having a dance party!!! Of course Kay jumped right in there with Kennedy! Owen later joined too!

July 9th
We all went to Como Park Zoo today! It was HOT but super fun. Some seals were swimming in this tank so we parked Quinn's stroller in front of it while most everyone else looked at different tank. This particular seal swam right up to the window (which was disgustingly dirty) and just stared right at Quinn for almost a minute! Pretty cute!!!

July 8th
We went to Mpls today!!!! We stayed with Kay and Kevin and Owen - sooo fun! For dinner we met Pam, Deb and Rich and ate at a fun Greek restaurant! I am bummed this was the only group shot I took and it didn't turn out the best. :(

July 7th
This was the day we spent in Red Wing. We have many fun photos to share, but this is photo a day, not photoS a day! We started our morning at this park with THE BEST playground I have ever seen!

July 6th
First leg of our vacation. We left KC at 4pm and arrive in Red Wing, MN at midnight. LONG LONG drive. But the girls were awesome passengers! Quinn took a cat nap before dinner and then crashed for good at 9pm. Kennedy held out until 10pm and Jeff was close behind her!

July 5th
It was the last t-ball game of the season - a make up game. Only problem - the other team didn't show! So our girls played each other and it worked wonderfully!!! Seriously, how cute is she?! And look at those big girl teeth coming in!!!

Quinn's Army Crawl!!!

Quinn has her own way of crawling....check it out!
Oh, and she has a little something extra for you all at the end of the clip!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Photo.....

linking up with these parties!!!!!
Favorite Fridays at Skinned Knees

This is my favorite photo because....
....the expression on Quinn's face is priceless!

It was her first teeter totter experience and she loved it. This photo truly shows just what a happy child she is!!! It also shows what a sweet big sister Kennedy is - it was her idea for Quinn to hop on!!!

You Capture - Summertime

I am joining Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry for this week's you capture. The theme is Summertime!!

We're definitely in the middle of summer....excessive heat warnings and all. What better summertime activity than hopping in the pool!? On our trip last week we got to visit family so Kennedy and Eva swam in the backyard!

Another summertime must is time at the playground! The one below was in Red Wing, MN and was one of the best I've seen! Of course Quinn couldn't be left out!

You can't forget fun with friends!! this was the 4th of July with Kennedy's soccer team (minus one little girl). The coach awarded them their trophies!!!!

T-ball!!!!!!!!!! A summer staple, right?! Kennedy turned out to be a pretty darn good player!!!!!
Picnics! They are even better when you have them with cousins!!!!
New Adventures!!!!!! While in Minnesota we visited the aquarium. Kennedy hadn't remember seeing one in the past so it was like new to her! And Quinn enjoyed the new animals, too!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

More July!

July 4th
For the 4th we had a par-tay with the families from Kennedy's soccer team! We ate some delicious food, the kids did Sharpie tie-dye, jumped on the trampoline and blew bubbles. Before we knew it, it was fireworks time!!! We went to the Corporate Woods display - it was my first time! They were amazing! Quinn loved them again and the kids had tons of fun!!! If you want to know about Kennedy's festive outfit you can see my post HERE.

July 3rd

I simply can't believe how big she looks! She is doing the army crawl everywhere - I think she might just go from that to walking!

July 2nd
My girlies getting clean!!!

Made it to July!!!!!!

July 1st
Jeff, chilling before the fireworks! We went to Falcon Valley Golf Course where they have a little shindig before the 4th each year. Kennedy played on some inflatables, got her hair painted and had a snack. The fireworks were really nice - not too long. The years we stay in KC for the 4th we try to attend this event.

June 30th
Last day of swim lessons! Kennedy's teacher, Daryn, was signing her paperwork. Kennedy made it to the next level!!!!!! And she loved each day of her lessons!

June 29th
We tried a fun new project today! Sharpie tie dye!! I will be sharing more about this later!!!

June 28th
Today was a playdate with the mom's group from church. We met at Ernie Miller Park - a favorite spot of ours! I created some scavenger hunt things for the older kids and I think they enjoyed it! This is Anna and Kennedy crossing the creek!

June 27th
The master bathroom. This is the new tub preparing to be installed!

June 26th
Look how brave Kennedy is!!! She is making it through the laser light obstacle course!!! Ok, so those obviously aren't laser lights...just crepe paper! But it was fun to imagine!!! Even Dad and Mom gave it a try!

June 25th
Kennedy and I have been learning about worms! We were looking at a website to learn about a worm's body. Quinn decided she wanted to learn too!

Monday, July 4, 2011

More June Photo a Day

June 24th:
Our first time to Black Bob Bay for the summer - with friend Kelsey!!!!

June 23rd: Don't you love the old rocker I inherited?! It was my great-grandma Bess's! And the little girl in it pretty darn cute to boot!

June 22nd: Swinging on Papa Jim's tree swing! This tree swing is amazing - can you tell how long those ropes are?!?!

June 21st: Kennedy has been loving to play games on Martha Speaks. :)

June 20th: Bubble fun in the backyard!!!

June 19th: My little swimming beauty!!

June 18th: Q enjoying Grandma Lori's toys!!!

June 17th: This was the end of Kennedy's week at Grandma Camp. I surprised her and Quinn and I just showed up at Grandma's house the day before she was to go home! We enjoyed an afternoon in the yard and pool!!!

June 16th: I got this old window when I went junking with Janet. I can't wait to get working on it more! I had to scrub it and take out all the panes since one was missing. Hope to share with you the finished window by the end of the summer!

Happy Fourth of July!!!!

Hope you are all enjoying your 4th!!!!
I finally decided to share the patriotic outfits I made the girls! I am "cheating" and posting photos of the girls wearing them on Memorial Day! (But they are wearing them today too!!)

I had seen people adding ric rac to these skirts all over the internet but always in one color. It just popped into my head that red and blue would make a great little skirt! (the skirts were from Walmart and solid colors).
For the tank top, I kind of followed a tutorial here at Ashley's blog Make It Love It. I decided to make these the night before our Memorial Day event, so I was rushed. But I did you an old red t-shirt for the red stripes and then just sewed the stars with blue thread.


Our 4th of July festivities started on June 30th! But below are two photos of the girls at the Falcon Valley fireworks from the 1st! Kennedy got her hair sprayed red and orange! You can see her fully enjoying her slushie too!

Quinn was so tired she was asleep before we arrived and slept while Kennedy jumped on the inflatables and played. Once the fireworks began she woke up and we were curious how she would react! But she was fabulous! No crying or stressing! She just stayed in her stroller and watched!!!!
We have another shindig tonight! Can't wait to share all the photos later!!! Happy 4th!

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