Monday, January 31, 2011

January Photo a Day

January photo a day continues.....

January 29
Both Kennedy and Quinn are sick. Fevers. Ugh.

January 28
See my poor little sick baby? I feel so badly for her. It just won't go away. :( This was Day 1 of the sickies.

January 27
Just a quick shot today - Kennedy eating breakfast before school.

January 26
Just a sneak of some sewing....the full outfit and tutorial will be coming!

January 25
Daisy Girl Scout meeting!!! They were playing Daisy to Daisy!

January 24 of my favorite kid's clothing stores in Kansas City has closed. This month was their last month in business. Once the store went 80% off I went shopping. I stocked up on Keedo goodness for the girls. Looks like if I want anymore Keedo I will be heading to Ebay.

January 23
Our church, Life Church, is doing a corporate study of the book "The Me I Want to Be" by John Ortberg. This was our first night meeting in our small group to discuss it. So far I am truly enjoying it!

January 22
We celebrated Aunt Kate's birthday this evening. I loved this photo of Quinn with Zoe in the back. They are 4 months apart and I am looking forward to the many get-togethers where they can become good buddies!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Photo a Day!!!

Yet another post to catch up with my photo a days!!!!

January 21st
This was a big night in the Holsapple house! Quinn had cereal for the first time!!! Mema held her, Dad fed her and I photographed and video taped! She was a surprisingly good eater! She didn't fuss or pull away...just was trying to figure out the whole swallowing semi-solilds thing! So there are THREE photos today - she was just too sweet! (ps - isn't her lil bib sweet? I made it for her!)

January 20th
This is a common scene at our house on weeknights. It seems Quinn's eating schedule is "perfectly" timed to Daddy's arrival from work! I am making dinner and Quinn is getting hungry right around when he walks in the door. So he will feed her on the couch and more often than not, they both fall asleep! Sometimes the bottle is still in her mouth!!! It is pretty cute!

January 19th
I took this photo from far away with Jeff's point and shoot. I really need to read the instruction manual for it so I can get better shots. So this one is really grainy. Monday's are gymnastics days but this was a make up from a snow day! This was Miss K doing beam work!!!

January 18th
Just a photo of normal daily stuff! Kennedy helping to change Quinn's diaper and tickling her tummy!
January 17
This was a holiday so no school for the kiddos! After gymnastics we stopped by Mema's and visited with our cousins. Kennedy and Logan had a blast dancing together to Yo Gabba Gabba songs! Again, I need to learn to use Jeff's point and shoot.;)

January 16th
Kennedy was invited to Miss Adi's birthday party! Her momma is a stylist and had all the girls to the salon. They got their hair AND nails done! All the girls had a blast of course!!!! Here they are making silly faces!
January 15th
In my quest to purge our home and reorganize, I dove into the kitchen today. I cleared out every single drawer and quite a few cupboards. It feels so good when you know where everything is! I even have an empty drawer now! Hopefully I can keep it that way until we find a "real" need for it - I don't want it filled with junk!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sewing Project!

Winter is in full force here in the Midwest! So I thought I would share a sewing creation of mine that has been getting lots of use!

I saw the tutorial on Cluck, Cluck Sew HERE and knew I wanted to try it! I just opted for warmer fabrics!

So here Quinn's carseat cover!

Side view

Inside view

Back view

Front view
Wonder if I could sell these in my Etsy shop?!
Thanks for stopping by! Have a blessed day!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Photo a Day thru 1.14.11

We recently purged Kennedy's playroom. We found a spinning, light-up globe toy. Kennedy had forgotten she even had it! Now it has become one of Quinn's favorites! She loves to hold it and feel the vibration and tries to "eat" it!
It appears this must have been a rough day with Quinn! This is the only photo I took!

On this day we had a playdate with Micah and his mommy, Janet!!

Quinn is working on sitting steadily in the exersaucer. She likes it but is so dang skinny she often falls backward and struggles to pull herself forward again! I think in the next few weeks she will be strong enough to really love it!
Snow Day!!!! No school! We got a lot of snow! Maybe 5-6 inches....I can't remember now. Kennedy, the dogs and I had lots of fun playing in the snow together! Since she was tiny, one of Kennedy's favorite things about snow is eating it!

This was Chiefs playoff game day. (We lost. It was bad.) We went to the Neat's for a fun gathering! The kiddos were really enjoying Sophia's room!

Kennedy had just gotten her "report card" from first semester when Mema came to visit! They were reading through it together. Kennedy is excelling in all areas, just as we had hoped! She is one smart cookie!

Just a normal day around our home. Nothing too special. Just Kennedy fully enjoying being a big sis. Quinn just lights up when she sees Kennedy! And if she can hear her, she quickly turns her head to look for Kennedy. Sometimes Kennedy gets a bit too close, touches a bit too much, or is a bit too loud...but mostly they are best buds!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Christmas 2010

Its time to finally share some Holiday pictures! Just a few weeks behind schedule!!! ;)

We started Christmas morning at our home. Jeff, Quinn and I were up early but Kennedy was a sleepyhead (as always). Jeff wanted to wake her up! But he fought the urge and she crawled downstairs around 9am! She was thrilled of course! Santa was very generous as were Mommy and Daddy (as you can see from the above photo).

Even the dogs got a gift!
Quinn was content all morning - Kennedy opened her gifts for her!
Daddy made pancakes and we had a quiet hour or two.

We then headed to Mema and Papa's house! Tradition is that we have cornish hens for our meal and the cooks didn't disappoint! DELICIOUS!!!!!! The kiddos were ready to tear into their gifts! Papa dons a Santa hat and is in charge of handing out gifts. The kiddos loved helping "Santa." Here is Cousin Logan opening a gift!

Cousin Elijah spent most of the day with this guy!!!!
Miss Quinn enjoyed snoozing in Mema's arms!
Papa Dusty was excited to open a new screen/storm door!!
Kennedy watched Papa open a gift.

Kennedy was thrilled about a gift.
And Uncle Jason gave the camera a lil smile!!!

The day was fully enjoyed by us all!! We loved celebrating the birth of Jesus!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Photo A Day 2011


I am finally posting for the new year! We have been waiting on a new laptop battery and charger - I didn't realize how much we really used it! It was actually a good thing - Jeff and I were using the computer much less! But now that it is back, I can finally upload my holiday photos, start editing and posting again!

Last year I attempted to take a photo a day. I was VERY good at taking photos nearly every single day. I was NOT good at posting them! This year I have several other friends doing the photo a day and I plan to be more diligent about POSTING my photos! :)

So, now that the month is half over I had better get started! *wink wink*


January 6th
We came back from Iowa with a bunch of Box Tops, Labels for Education and Coke Rewards from Grandma Jodie! Yippee! So I spent a few hours cutting them and organizing while eating some Starbucks ice cream! I know Kennedy's school will appreciate them!


January 5th
Kennedy had an idea to make her own recipe! She took some random left over Halloween candy and put it on a cookie sheet. (sweetarts, hershey kisses, crackers, M&Ms, etc) Then she wanted them in the oven for 5 minutes. Next, she got a small dish and put some peanut butter in the bottom with some honey. She poured her candy on top and added chocolate syrup and sprinkles. She called it Candy Sugar and wanted to sell it to the neighbors! But we just kept it for ourselves! ;)


January 4th
Phew.....I took down our Christmas decor. Big job but I was glad to have it done. I stacked the boxes and bags in the garage and Jeff put them in the attic!


January 3rd
Our last day in Iowa. We had to snap one more photo of Papa Doug and his girls!!! And don't forget Wilson the dog!

January 2
Kennedy and Cousin Eva have become great friends over the last year. During each visit to IA we try to get the gals together. On this day they played Wii, drew pictures, and had some snacks! Aren't they cute?! And only 2 months apart in age. Can you guess who is older?

January 1
We went to my Dad's house on the first day of the year. All of us took a birthday cake to my Grandma Vera. Her birthday was December 26th but we wanted her to see all of us. She has pretty severe dementia so I am not sure just how much she understood, but I was thankful we were able to spend time with her and that she could meet Quinn. Four generations in this photo ranging in age from 3 months to 94 years!

Hooray! I have started! Hang on for more photos and stories to come!
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