Friday, April 29, 2011

April Photo a Day Take 2

April 16th
Kennedy had a soccer game - hence the soccer shirt and headband! She loves to hold Quinn!!

April 15th
I went junking with Janet for the first time! I was truly amazed at the items that people were just tossing out!!!! We filled the truck three times!!!! This item was deserving of a photo - we have no idea what it is!! It was a box on a table. The box had a hole through it with straps inside the hole. And the purple stuff...those are plastic flowers hot glued all over both sides. Any guesses what it is?!
April 14th
Major coupon printing and organizing this day!

April 13th
Kennedy has been determined to learn how to ride her bike with no training wheels!!! For two days we went to Mema's and Papa's to practice in the grass and on their long, flat driveway. She worked so hard and would get so frustrated! She is stubborn though and would get back up after falling and try again! I had to force her to take breaks for water! After 2 days we took her to a school parking lot near us. She is now riding around like a pro!!! You can expect more bike photos soon!

April 12th
I just love what Quinn has been doing with her hands recently!! Isn't it cute?!

April 11th
Kennedy is truly the best helper! Here she is trying to give Quinn some Puffs. Quinn wants nothing to do with them! She makes a scrunched up face and spits them out!
April 10th
Our trip back from a weekend in Iowa. Both girls are wonderful travelers!!

April 9th
Happy 1st birthday Marin!!! We went to Iowa to celebrate my brother's daughter's big day. She is such a doll! And her momma made the cake herself!

The rest of April will be posted soon - I hope!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Epiphany Crafts + Glue Arts Take 2!

Another crossover post from my other blog!

As promised I am back again! More goodness from Glue Arts and Epiphany Crafts!

One item I received from Glue Arts is this ROCKIN' Glue Glider Pro! All I can say is WOW! It is the perfect size for you hand, not too bulky. It rolls so smoothly too! I am thinking this may be my new go to adhesive!

I used it for all the paper on the following layout and card. Worked wonderfully!

I also got other adhesive! I used the U Cut It for the journal block you see in the photo below. I love that I can cut it to any shape or size I need. This foam is super sticky too!!!

I used the circle button epoxy shape from EC - do you see it hiding behind the journal block?! I then used the plain circles to accent the 3 flowers.

I used the flower shape here and covered the button holes with a gem!
And here is the entire layout! :)

I also created a simple thank you card. I again used the U Cut Its to pop the sentiment block out. For the ribbon I used the adhesive squares! It worked just fine!!!! As for Epiphany Crafts epoxy shapes, I used the small round to add a touch of pink to the ribbon and the flower button with some twine to the sentiment block!

Thanks for taking a peek! Have a blessed day!
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