Saturday, February 26, 2011

February's End

Continuing with February's Photo A Day!

February 26th
This was a big day! Kennedy and Jeff went to a Father-Daughter Masquerade Ball with the Girl Scouts! Kennedy got her hair cut, too! She and Daddy created their own Masquerade masks together Friday night. She and I had chosen their corsage and boutineer in advance, too! They both dressed up, went out to dinner at Kennedy's restaurant choice (IHOP), and then danced the night away!!!! I know it is a memory Kennedy will keep in heart forever!

February 25th
Miss Quinn was taking a bath! She loves baths but this adorable smile was in response to Kennedy squirting her with a bath toy! Oh how she loves her big sister!

February 24th
It snowed again! I snapped a quick shot before heading to bed.

February 23rd
It is consignment sale time again!!!! I have been busy sorting, pricing and tagging Kennedy's outgrown clothing and toys. This sweater was part of a sweet Gymboree set that I loved but Kennedy never really cared for!

February 22nd
Today the girls were almost matching again. Pretty cute, eh? As I look at this photo I am trying to imagine them sitting together in 5 years. Hmmm...a 10yr old and a 5yr old...I hope they still love each other to pieces as they do now!

February 21st
Grandma Lori came for a long visit! Before she left we tried to get some photos of her and her grandgirls!

February 20th
Grandma Lori enjoyed the time with the girls and they loved having her visit! Kennedy sure loves having Grandma read to her!

February 19th
Grandma Lori was having too much fun playing with Quinn! I just love this shot because I can hear my mom laughing!!!

February 18th
Cousins Logan and Elijah came by for a short visit! Here Kennedy and Elijah are playing horses and Barbies. The weather was nice enough for them to play in the sandpile too!!!

February 17th
We visited the Franklin family this day! I was helping some friends prepare for the upcoming consignment sales - the kids had a blast playing all afternoon! But the funniest part of the day was getting stuck in the mud at their house! My dear friend, Jennie, had to push our van out - it was quite the sight!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Photo a Day thru 2/16

Let's get started!!!

February 16th
Today is just a shot of the gals wearing their matching Matryoshka doll shirts!!! Kennedy LOVES to match with her sis! And this shot was her idea!

February 15th
Kindergarten stuff! Kennedy plowed through her Kindergarten sight words and is working on the 1st grade words. She would much rather read a book than read a list of words (who can blame her) so we make slower progress through these! But I am sure she will have them down by her 6th birthday!! We just got the results from her Kindergarten reading assessment and I must say we are MORE than pleased! What a blessing it is that she has such a sharp mind and passion for learning - it will serve her well her entire life!

February 14th
Valentine's Day! Kennedy and I made these cute little number from scratch! I found a recipe online and changed it up a tiny bit. We took them to her school party but I think the kids had been eating so much gunk already that half of them were thrown out! Oh well! The process of baking was fun!

February 13th
My sweet, sweet girl showing off her NEW big girl smile! I seriously get teary eyed when I see those two holes in her mouth!!

February 12th
Landen had his 6th birthday party - a pajama movie party! Kennedy fully enjoyed lounging with her friend Nathan! Aren't they cute?!

February 11th
Kennedy actually lost her second tooth on February 10th. She was spending the night with her friend Taylor! So we decided the tooth fairy probably didn't know where Taylor lived and we put it under our pillow the next day at home! We have a Tooth Fairy book that tells all about tooth fairies and why they collect teeth - it is a sweet story! It even came with its own special velvet bag to put her tooth in under her pillow - it makes it easier for the tooth fairy to find it! *wink* The back of the book lets her chronicle the loss of her teeth and has a page to color in each tooth as it falls out!

February 10th
I just have to share this one....I could just eat her up!

February 9th
Tummy time! It is not her favorite for sure! She makes quite a few crazy faces to show her dislike for it!

February 8th
Family movie night! It was our second time seeing it - but it is still cute! Kennedy really loves movies about dogs!!!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Baby Blankies

I am just sharing some more sewing projects I have finished lately. Some baby blankies....I love making these!! In this cool weather, these are the perfect size to place on your little one's lap in their carseat.

The first one is a cute farm scene...and white chenille on the back.

This one I made for Miss Quinn...I adore these happy birds!!!!! It also has white chenille on the back.

And finally some cute lil animals...again with white chenille on the back.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Hello Kitty Outfit

I recently made a little outfit for one of Kennedy's friends for her birthday. The little gal loves Hello Kitty! So Kennedy picked out some Hello Kitty fabric and I sewed away!

I am going to share a very basic tutorial for you (if you can even call it a tutorial) ....this was a fairly simple outfit!

basic tee
1/2 yd main fabric
1/2 yd coordinating fabric
1/8 yd coordinating fabric
Heat n Bond (sewable)
Basic sewing supplies

I just traced a heart onto my white fabric. And did the same thing with the polka dot fabric.

Then follow the instructions on the Heat n Bond package to adhere them to your t-shirt.
Because I don't have an embroidery machine, I just used a tight zigzag stitch around the hearts.
I made the Hello Kitty fabric "flower", added a button to the front and a pin to the back. I pinned it to the shirt but it can really be placed anywhere!

The skirt was easy, too! I measured on Miss K how long I wanted the skirt and added about an inch. For the width I just used selvage to selvage. I then cut a strip from the polka dot fabric that was about 4 inches long and from selvage to selvage. The polka dot fabric was folded in half and sewn to the bottom of the skirt. Next the entire skirt was folded in half and I sewed along the edge to create the seam. I folded the top edge over and sewed to create a casing for the elastic, inserted the elastic, sewed it off and finished up the casing. Viola!

I hope she enjoys it!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Photo a Day

Here we go...February Photo a Day!!

February 7th
This was a super important day! Kennedy lost her very first tooth! We had a dentist appointment just days earlier. The hygenist told Kennedy she had two loose teeth - Kennedy hadn't even noticed! While brushing her teeth tonight, she bumped it out!!! There is a video of her telling about it in the previous post. Those baby teeth are soooo tiny!

February 6th
Super Bowl Sunday!
We were still recovering from the sickies but headed to the Elliott's for Bible Study and then the big game! Go Packers!

February 5th
We celebrated Cousin Logan's 7th birthday today! We can't believe Logan is SEVEN!!!

February 4th
Just a screen shot of This is a pretty cool site for tracking your spending and such. I love that it allows me to break down my spending very specifically. For instance, I can have a section for cleaning supplies and specify for what room they are for - kitchen, laundry, bathroom, etc. Very cool!

February 3rd
Just a fun shot of our little sunshine! Her little personality is really starting to shine - she is such a blessing to us!

February 2nd
Quinn's exersaucer is one of her favorite toys right now. When she sees it she starts kicking her legs and her eyes sparkle! It is adorable!

February 1st
Snow, snow, snow.....a good foot of it! School was called off for 3 days. But Kennedy was already staying home sick. :(

January 31st
Kennedy is still sick, as is Miss Quinn. We made a bed on the couch for her. She has enjoyed drawing on the dry erase board! We have thrown in some penmanship practice as well!

January 30th

See that little "obey" sign? This is part of some "homeschooling" we have been doing. Kennedy and I are both fully enjoying it! I found the most amazing blog Confessions of a Homeschooler and we are implementing her Bible Character Studies. This week we learned about Obedience. One of our activities was to write the word obey on notecards and place them in specific places in our home where we might need to be reminded to obey. The places we chose were: Kennedy's bedroom, the television, the computer and the pantry. :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Late Breaking News!!!!!!

This just in from the Holsapple Household....

Car Seat Cover #2

Remember the car seat cover I made for Quinn? Well, not long after I posted it, I had a request to make one for another sweet little baby I know! So here it is!!!! You should get it today (you know who you are!!) Hope sweet little Miss O loves being snuggly warm in it!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blah, Blah, Blah....

Quinn at 4.5 months. We had just returned from a trip to the doctor where we learned she has an ear infection. She is pretty happy considering!!!!!


As promised, here are the photos of our yard in the daytime!

It was pretty darn windy- the snow seemed to be coming down sideways! So there are some fun drifts out there!!! This photo is off the deck. You can see the chair in engulfed!
Here is a shot of Kennedy's playset! You can't see the bottom and one of the slides is almost covered!
Here is a shot of the driveway...
And sweet Jeff shoveling and shoveling and shoveling and shoveling!!!! Those piles look oh so fun! But Kennedy is still on the mend and it is bitterly cold so we won't be playing in this snow anytime soon. :(

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Like over half the country, we have been inundated with snow!!!! Here in KC they are calling it "The Blizzard of 2011!" I know my friends in MN and NY would laugh at that! We got a foot of snow and we just aren't used to that!

So this is our backyard on Tuesday night!!!!!

I will post daytime photos tomorrow!!!!
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