Saturday, January 15, 2011

Photo A Day 2011


I am finally posting for the new year! We have been waiting on a new laptop battery and charger - I didn't realize how much we really used it! It was actually a good thing - Jeff and I were using the computer much less! But now that it is back, I can finally upload my holiday photos, start editing and posting again!

Last year I attempted to take a photo a day. I was VERY good at taking photos nearly every single day. I was NOT good at posting them! This year I have several other friends doing the photo a day and I plan to be more diligent about POSTING my photos! :)

So, now that the month is half over I had better get started! *wink wink*


January 6th
We came back from Iowa with a bunch of Box Tops, Labels for Education and Coke Rewards from Grandma Jodie! Yippee! So I spent a few hours cutting them and organizing while eating some Starbucks ice cream! I know Kennedy's school will appreciate them!


January 5th
Kennedy had an idea to make her own recipe! She took some random left over Halloween candy and put it on a cookie sheet. (sweetarts, hershey kisses, crackers, M&Ms, etc) Then she wanted them in the oven for 5 minutes. Next, she got a small dish and put some peanut butter in the bottom with some honey. She poured her candy on top and added chocolate syrup and sprinkles. She called it Candy Sugar and wanted to sell it to the neighbors! But we just kept it for ourselves! ;)


January 4th
Phew.....I took down our Christmas decor. Big job but I was glad to have it done. I stacked the boxes and bags in the garage and Jeff put them in the attic!


January 3rd
Our last day in Iowa. We had to snap one more photo of Papa Doug and his girls!!! And don't forget Wilson the dog!

January 2
Kennedy and Cousin Eva have become great friends over the last year. During each visit to IA we try to get the gals together. On this day they played Wii, drew pictures, and had some snacks! Aren't they cute?! And only 2 months apart in age. Can you guess who is older?

January 1
We went to my Dad's house on the first day of the year. All of us took a birthday cake to my Grandma Vera. Her birthday was December 26th but we wanted her to see all of us. She has pretty severe dementia so I am not sure just how much she understood, but I was thankful we were able to spend time with her and that she could meet Quinn. Four generations in this photo ranging in age from 3 months to 94 years!

Hooray! I have started! Hang on for more photos and stories to come!

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