Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

 Happy Halloween!

The kids had today off of school for a teacher in service - lucky, huh?!  So the Elliott girls came to visit!  We had a fun Halloween lunch that consisted of an orange pumpkin, a mummy hot dog, a ghost banana and a ghost cheese (already consumed in the photo below!)

We also made a Halloween treat - Witch's hats!!!


The weather couldn't have been better - I honestly think it was the warmest Halloween of my entire life!  Jeff and I walked the girls around the neighborhood in short sleeves!
Kennedy trick or treated with her friend, Kennedy!  They were both super heroes and both have the same name...they thought that was pretty fun!
Quinn was a great sport - she was so tired!  What a trooper!  Maybe next year she can help ring doorbells!

She did love going through all Kennedy's goodies when we got home!  But no candy for this little girl yet!

Clearance Find and Redo

Have I ever told you all how I love Hobby Lobby's clearance section?  Well I do!  I often find some crazy goodies tucked away in there.  But you really have to be willing to look at things differently!  Normally I end up totally repurposing or altering the items to fit my needs.  So today I will show you one example!!

Over the summer I found this decorative scroll in the clearance aisle.  Hideous, yes.  I am not really a gold person. But I saw potential!  I think I paid under $6 for it. 


All it really needed was a little white spray paint!  Ok, maybe a LOT of white spray paint.  But I think it looks much better!!!   It now resides above the door going to our basement!

Whatcha think?  Hopefully I can share some more trash to treasure finds with you soon....I have plenty of them!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Quinn on the Move


Quinn is definitely walking now!  And trying to dance!  I shot this video yesterday.  The sound isn't the best. :(  But we had the kid's music channel on the television and she was walking, dancing and having a great time!   Enjoy!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Love Notes

Kennedy is so excited to be able to write notes!   She says writing in school is one of her favorite things now!  I appreciate her eagerness and how she doesn't fret about not knowing how to spell perfectly!  I would estimate I get at least a note a day!  And I love them all!  I have been scanning many of her school assignments, test, projects, etc and will put them in a big photo book about 1st grade.  But I have also been scanning many of the notes.  There are soooo many of them I can't keep the paper copy of them all.  Wish I could.

I just wanted to share this one with you.  Jeff and I had gone to dinner and a movie with some friends.  The girls were having fun with Mema.  We came home to this note and it melted my heart.  I really do have the sweetest child!! 

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