Sunday, July 22, 2012

City Museum St. Louis - Take 3 - The Toddler & The Bus

Ahhh....City Museum.  If you missed my previous posts on City Museum you must read them here:  TAKE 1   and here: TAKE 2.    It will explain this crazy place!!!!     This first shot is of my sweeties outside the museum. Look on the roof of the building....yes that is a school bus. More on that in a minute!

On the 3rd floor of the museum there is a Toddler Room.  Quinn and I spent about 20 minutes there while Jeff and Kennedy explored outside.  After 20 minutes she was over it.   :)

Cool steps, eh?!  Wish I knew where they found those fun cylinders!  These steps led to a tube slide, a ball pit and some climbing tunnels. 

Yeah baby!   BALL PIT!!!!!!

Luckily there is another ball pit outdoors....Quinn now LOVES them!  This one was about 3 feet off the floor. 

Happy face!

This photo was taken from the museum's website. It is the roof of the building - 11 stories up.  I think it is old because many things are missing, including the ferris wheel.  But I wanted you to see the school bus!  It hangs over the edge!

Going for a ride!!!!!

This s a total blur, but it is a photo taken out the door of the bus looking down to the parking lot.  (Yes, those are 2 airplanes in mid air. More on that another day!)

Bus Driver Kennedy!!!!  Looking out over the city!

Jeff got this shot from the parking lot....the underside of the bus!   Good times!!!!

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