Thursday, July 19, 2012

Saint Louis Zoo

We recently took a quick trip over to Saint Louis!   Of all the great kid activities in the city, this was a MUST STOP activity!  We were extremely impressed with the St. Louis Zoo and we spent about 7 hours there!!!   See that cute baby elephant in the above photo?!

The carousel ride is also a MUST DO activity.  Both girls are at an age were it is a blast!  I took WAY too many photos of them riding.....want proof???   You're getting it anyway! 

I love in the next one how Jeff is mimicking Quinn's face!!  I just couldn't crop him out!  

It was a super hot day.  Kennedy was such a trooper with all the walking and sweating!  This was near the end of the day....exhaustion....

But then we ran into a waterfall!!!  Energy again!!!  Quinn was a bit apprehensive...she really wanted to run in but couldn't make herself do it.  Kennedy wasn't going to get wet and just watched.  But she couldn't stand it!  So they both ended up soaking wet!  At least it was the last stop!  Oh, and we DID see animals at the zoo...but wouldn't you rather look at my cute girls?!

And I will leave you with a view from our hotel room!  See on the left side on top of the building there is a bright circle?!  That is the ferris wheel on top of City Museum!   More about that another day!

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  1. Sounds like an awesome trip and your photos are just too cute!


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