Sunday, July 22, 2012

City Museum St. Louis - Take 2

Ahhh....City Museum.  If you missed my previous post on City Museum you must read it here:  TAKE 1    It will explain this crazy place!!!!

These photos are still from the 1st floor (and some of the caves underneath in the basement).  In the above photo, the girls are looking at the HUGE fish and turtles in the tank!

The next photo is taken looking down one of the tunnels....Kennedy is on the left looking into the other side of the huge fish tank. The tile work in this place is stellar!   In the next shot, I stood by Kennedy and took a photo of Jeff coming into the tunnel!  She is screaming in excitement!

I am actually surprised this photo turned out!  We had gone through the tunnel and into some caves.  It was so dark in some of them you couldn't really see!  The girls' eyes are so big because of the camera flash!
Another underground tunnel.  There are so many interlinking stairs, slides and passageways that you can easily lose your children!

I wish I had more photos of the caves, but it was very dark and super twisty-turny!

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