Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Fun

Kennedy has such a love for all holidays!  I really enjoy anticipating them right along with her!    This year I gave Kennedy & Jeff a little something thing each day leading up to Valentine's Day, starting with February 1st.  I read about the idea at  I borrowed some of her ideas and added some of my own!!!  Kennedy gets into it so much!  If her new mini valentine isn't sitting out in the morning she asks where it is! 

This first one is actually just for Jeff.  I got this cute tak3-out box at Michael's.  I used a Martha Stewart tutorial to make felt fortune cookies.  I then put in 10 "fortunes" which are actually 10 reasons why I love him!!! 
This was actually just a fun snack Kennedy and I made!  Crazy enough, I never got a picture of the final project! Sad, because they were so pretty!  We took them to our Super Bowl Party. I found the tutorial at 
This was part of our dinner one evening.  Usually we just cut a circle and put an egg in the middle.  But today I made it a heart!

Another mini valentine!  I made Rice Krispie treats and formed them into balls. I was going to do hearts but was too lazy!  Then Kennedy's were dipped in pink and Jeff's in red!

And another mini Valentine!  

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