Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mother Daughter Date

In a few weeks, Kennedy has her Daisy Scout Father/Daughter dance.  Last year was the first one and she loved every minute of it!  This year we decided she *needed* a special dress for the occasion!  She and I had a Mommy/Daughter date to find a dress!!!  It was also time to get her a more age appropriate Bible.  Being that she reads many grade levels ahead, I wanted her to have a Bible that would be understandable but yet not too babyish.

Being able to spend time with her just one-on-one doesn't happen very often anymore.  Usually it is about 30 minutes before bedtime, or a quick little game while Quinn is napping.  This day was much needed for both of us.  As I have said a million times before, this girl is amazing and I can't imagine my life without her!  I treasure the memories of that day already!

We went to Lifeway (love that place).  I had gone in a few days earlier and picked the brains of some of the employees so I could narrow it down a bit.  We grabbed 4-5 different Bibles and took them to the big, comfy leather couch.  She flipped through each to check out the illustrations and maps.  She read a little bit out of each one to make sure the reading level was ok.  She checkout of the feel of it and the cover design.
She ultimately chose this Adventure Bible.  
NIV Adventure Bible, Pink/Green with Clip Closure  -
Additional Views

And we got her a deovtional, too.  I can't find a photo of our version, but it is called "God's Little Devotional for Girls" by David Cook.

Next we hit the mall!  Kennedy has an affinity for twirly, sparkly, fancy dresses - so we tried on a LOT of them!  I am sharing the photos of her trying them on so her grandparents and great grandparents can feel like there were in the dressing room with us!  And being that we were in a dressing room, the lighting was AwFuL.  So these photos make her look a bit ill, but she really was having the time of her life!!!
I was surprised she wanted to try on a green dress!!
Yellow is a current favorite color....we had quite a few yellow dresses!!!
She says she loves white because it is like a wedding dress!

Hmmm...which do you think she chose?  I will not be revealing that yet!  We will wait for the day of the dance!!!!

After picking a dress we had a big pretzel and a fruit slush in the food court.
 Our next stop was to Claire's!  We don't feel Kennedy is ready to have her ears pierced yet but I have told her should could try clip-ons.  Little did I know that they are pretty hard to find!  We did get some magnetic earrings.  But of course, she has already lost 2 of the backs!  In the photo below she is wearing her first pair of actual clip-ons that DaNgLe!!!!  She loved shaking her head all afternoon and asked to wear them to church that night!  I forget how exciting new earrings can be - especially when you are six!
I am so thankful that Kennedy has a father who desires to take her to a Father/Daughter dance and sees the amazing benefits of a strong Father/Daughter bond.  I may be almost as excited for the dance as Kennedy is!

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