Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Pinterest Menu

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If you haven't joined Pinterest yet, you are missing out!
I joined maybe 6-7 months ago and it is a favorite spot on the 'net!  I check in at least 2x a week!

Basically it is a giant corkboard online!  I used to try to bookmark sites that I liked or ideas that I saw online.  But I had hundreds of things bookmarked and forgot about them all.  With Pinterest, I can categorize my boards and "pin" things to them.  It is truly a genius idea!

One thing I have been using Pinterest for is new recipes.  I am NOT a fan of cooking.  At all.  And I need all the help (and practice) I can get.  So I wanted to share with you all some things we have tried here in our home that came from Pinterest, or that I pinned myself!

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Let's get started!
Rainbow Cake How To!
Rainbow Cake.  We made these for Quinn's 1st Birthday Party!  It was a rainbow theme!  They are easy and super fun to make!

Baked Potato Soup
Baked Potato Soup.  This is a crock pot recipe...which I love.  ALL of use gave this two thumbs up!  It is VERY thick, so I think I will add either more broth or some milk next time.  But yummy!

Sweet & Sour chicken.  This was fabulous...lots better than I expected!!!

Home made mini deep dish pizzas.  We made these when Kennedy had a sleep over and each girl
put on her own toppings.  It was a hit!!!

Crock pot pizza soup.  Originally made this to take to my father-in-law.  He raved about it and I loved it!  So I made it again and Jeff loved it!  Kennedy, not so much...but she is quite picky.

Chicken parmesan.  It sounded so good.  But none of us cared for it.  Pretty blah.

These looked good but weren't anything special at all.

Breakfast casserole in the crock pot.  YUMMO!  Easy and good!

Apple Crisp
Apple Crisp.  We all gobbled this one up!  A go-to for sure!

Caramel apple cake with apple cider frosting.  I was beyond excited to try this one.  But it wasn't good.  The frosting ruined it. 

Mini Corn Dogs! Jeff and I liked this.  Kennedy says she likes the long corn dogs better.  But we will be making it again!

Chicken and dumplings in crock pot.  Jeff LOVES chicken and dumplings so I was eager to try it and see what he said.  His vote was a big YES!!!!

Sugar cookie dough dip.  Sounds delish!  But it wasn't.  Yuck.

I hope to share another Pinterest post soon!  We have done lots of fun activities that were found on Pinterest! Thanks for stopping by!

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