Wednesday, December 21, 2011

More Elfie Adventures

Day 11
Silly Elfie!  He TP'ed the bathroom!!!

Day 12
Who knew elves could drive cars?!?!  Elfie must have gone for a joyride in the minivan last night!  I hope he drives better than he parks!!!

Day 13
Today Elfie kept watch over us in the kitchen!

 Day 14
WOOAAHH!!  This was one of the craziest things he has done yet!  He put Post-It notes ALL OVER THE PLAYROOM!!!!
 (Please don't mind my empty frames and the mess of toys.  Our house is very :lived in!")

Day 15
You will NOT believe this, but Elfie didn't move today!  We were a bit worried that someone had touched him without our knowledge and lost his magic.  But the next day we breathed a huge sigh of relief when he found a new place!

Day 16
Elfie knew that he had made us so worried!  So he stayed by Kennedy's bed. He left her a sweet note and a little present!!

More to come!!!!

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