Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Limo Ride with Santa

 Oh boy!!!!!!!!  I love surprises, don't you?!?!?

Along with two other families, we made the best memory a few weeks ago!   We split a limo ride tour of the Christmas lights in the city!  Looking at lights is a tradition for our family as I know it is for many others.  But this was just above and beyond!  My friend, Stephanie, decided we adults should wear ugly Christmas sweaters to add some fun!  Only, we couldn't find many! :(  So the men all wore t-shirts from the movie "A Christmas Story".  The gals found one for me and adorned it with additional gaudy ornaments and a big red bow!  I need to see if they got a picture of me!  All of us got Elf hats or reindeer headbands! And I made shirts for the kiddos.  You can see them in THIS POST.

Jeff and I hadn't told Kennedy about ANY of it!  We told her that morning that we had a BIG surprise for her after school!  After school we dropped Quinn off at Mema's house.  Mema accidentally mentioned a limo ride and Kennedy said "Umm...I don't think you were supposed to tell me that!"  But it was fine - Kennedy didn't know what a limo was!  I was giving her tiny hints on the ride to the plaza to meet up with our friends.  I told her things like: It holds 10 people.  We won't be in a building.  Two of your friends will be there.  I have only done this one time before, etc.  She loves surprises like me!

Well, my friend Stephanie had an additional surprise up her sleeve too!!  She was able to get Santa to come from the North Pole and take the limo ride with us!!!!!  I wish I could have seen Kennedy's face when the limo pulled up, the driver walked around and opened the door, and Santa bellowed "Ho Ho Ho Kennedy!" 

 Oh, and Santa brought gifts for everyone!  How cool is that!? Here is Nate opening his!

We ate some yummy homemade treats, drank hot cocoa, sang Christmas songs and saw some fabulous light displays!  We made a stop at Santa's Workshop.This is a spectacular display that a KC man has put up in his yard for 40 years!!  Here is a link to a website about it!!  Mike Babick's Display
So here are the kiddos in their festive shirts in front of the Grinch!
 There is even a sleigh in the front yard for photos!!!!!
 Here Santa is teaching Jeff to chuckle in a low "Ho Ho Ho!!!"
 And a last photo of  my little elf with Santa!
It was a truly awesome time!  I hope we can make it a yearly event!!!

In case any of you readers are in the KC metro area, here is a great resource for holiday lights in the area!

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