Monday, October 31, 2011

Clearance Find and Redo

Have I ever told you all how I love Hobby Lobby's clearance section?  Well I do!  I often find some crazy goodies tucked away in there.  But you really have to be willing to look at things differently!  Normally I end up totally repurposing or altering the items to fit my needs.  So today I will show you one example!!

Over the summer I found this decorative scroll in the clearance aisle.  Hideous, yes.  I am not really a gold person. But I saw potential!  I think I paid under $6 for it. 


All it really needed was a little white spray paint!  Ok, maybe a LOT of white spray paint.  But I think it looks much better!!!   It now resides above the door going to our basement!

Whatcha think?  Hopefully I can share some more trash to treasure finds with you soon....I have plenty of them!!!

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