Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Wedding in September

What a beautiful bride.  My cousin, Gretchen, was married last weekend.  It was a joyous occasion with a tinge of sadness.  We all missed her sister Jennifer.  But you could feel the love all night!

After checking into the hotel and getting dressed in our wedding garb, the girls rode the luggage cart back downstairs!!!
It was wonderful to be around so much family!  Here is Miss Marin!  This is the look I usually get from her!  She is the sweetest thing - I wish we lived closer.
The wedding ceremony was outdoors and just beautiful!  But the two little girls didn't enjoy just sitting still!  Thanks to Jeff and Lindsay for walking them around during the ceremony!

Oh Quinn!  She just wanted to "walk" during most of the reception!  Various family members took turns walking her around the barn!  This time it was Great Grandma Phyllis, aka Gigi's turn!

Kennedy had been looking forward to this wedding for months!  She had planned to dance the night away with her boy cousins.  But alas, none of them could come.  So....she danced the night away by herself!  It was truly a joy watching her dance!  I could just feel my heart bursting - she looked so happy and was so very carefree.  I know those feelings of freedom won't be around much longer.
More dancing!

I just love this photo!  There were a few little boys there that we didn't know.  For a while they really weren't sure what to think of Kennedy's dancing!   LOL!

Finally, toward the end of our evening, Kennedy "let" Daddy dance with her!!!!
And Quinn finally fell asleep!    
Thanks for a wonderful evening Lewis family.  Gretchen and Aaron, we wish you a lifetime of love and adventures!

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