Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Quinn's 1st Birthday Party - Take 3

As I was editing photos from the party, I realized I didn't take many. :(  I only snapped Quinn with a few guests and only have a few of her opening gifts.  Bummer.  Thankfully some family members have sent me the photos they took at the party!  Phew!  But I am sharing the few I do have. 

Quinn's Grandpa & Grandma Janke made the trip down from Iowa!  Yippee!!!  (Doesn't she look tired in this photo?!)

Great Papa Henry came to help her celebrate!!!  Doesn't he look great for 96?!

Also in attendance were Grandma Lori, Great Grandpa Keith & Great Grandma Phyllis, Mema, Papa Lou, Aunt Kate, Uncle Jason and cousins Logan, Elijah and Zia. 

Kennedy and the boys were great help when it came time to open gifts!!!!  Quinn was actually quite interested in the presents!

This doll was a favorite of Quinn's - she was soooo taken with it!  She rocked it and rocked it and her face just lit up!!!  The doll has a magnetic soft binkie that she loves!  

Finally it was cake time.  She was NOT interested. AT. ALL.  Jeff kept trying to put some in her mouth but she would spit it out!  He put her hands in the cake and she didn't like that either!  Oh well!!!  Maybe this will mean she won't have a sweet tooth like Kennedy and me!  *wink*

Thanks to all the family who came out to celebrate Miss Quinn's big day!  We still can't believe a full year has already come and gone since she entered our lives!  We love you to the moon and back sweet girl!!!

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