Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Quinn's 1st Birthday - Part 1

Quinn is ONE!!!!!!!!!!!

We had a very nice party with lots of family - the best kind of party!!!!

Here is a quick rundown of some of the decor! We had a rainbow theme!

Polka Dot Balloons!!!

Kennedy created party hats for herself and her two cousins!!! I was so proud of her!

Kennedy also made her own rainbow decor and displayed it down the walls of the front hallway! She loves a party!!!

The food had to be rainbow of course!!!!!

Rainbow Twizzlers.....

Rainbow Cupcakes (the inside was rainbow, too). Can you tell the tops are clouds with rainbows on them???

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I just happened upon this nifty cupcake holder on clearance at Michael's. It worked pretty well!!

Glow sticks, candy coated pretzels in various colors, pixi stix, M&Ms sorted by color, and JellyBelly jelly beans sorted by color! A huge thanks to my mom and Kennedy for hand sorting all those colors!!!!

I have much more to share...but it will have to wait until the next post!!! Thanks for checking in!!!

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