Monday, July 4, 2011

More June Photo a Day

June 24th:
Our first time to Black Bob Bay for the summer - with friend Kelsey!!!!

June 23rd: Don't you love the old rocker I inherited?! It was my great-grandma Bess's! And the little girl in it pretty darn cute to boot!

June 22nd: Swinging on Papa Jim's tree swing! This tree swing is amazing - can you tell how long those ropes are?!?!

June 21st: Kennedy has been loving to play games on Martha Speaks. :)

June 20th: Bubble fun in the backyard!!!

June 19th: My little swimming beauty!!

June 18th: Q enjoying Grandma Lori's toys!!!

June 17th: This was the end of Kennedy's week at Grandma Camp. I surprised her and Quinn and I just showed up at Grandma's house the day before she was to go home! We enjoyed an afternoon in the yard and pool!!!

June 16th: I got this old window when I went junking with Janet. I can't wait to get working on it more! I had to scrub it and take out all the panes since one was missing. Hope to share with you the finished window by the end of the summer!

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