Thursday, July 14, 2011

Made it to July!!!!!!

July 1st
Jeff, chilling before the fireworks! We went to Falcon Valley Golf Course where they have a little shindig before the 4th each year. Kennedy played on some inflatables, got her hair painted and had a snack. The fireworks were really nice - not too long. The years we stay in KC for the 4th we try to attend this event.

June 30th
Last day of swim lessons! Kennedy's teacher, Daryn, was signing her paperwork. Kennedy made it to the next level!!!!!! And she loved each day of her lessons!

June 29th
We tried a fun new project today! Sharpie tie dye!! I will be sharing more about this later!!!

June 28th
Today was a playdate with the mom's group from church. We met at Ernie Miller Park - a favorite spot of ours! I created some scavenger hunt things for the older kids and I think they enjoyed it! This is Anna and Kennedy crossing the creek!

June 27th
The master bathroom. This is the new tub preparing to be installed!

June 26th
Look how brave Kennedy is!!! She is making it through the laser light obstacle course!!! Ok, so those obviously aren't laser lights...just crepe paper! But it was fun to imagine!!! Even Dad and Mom gave it a try!

June 25th
Kennedy and I have been learning about worms! We were looking at a website to learn about a worm's body. Quinn decided she wanted to learn too!

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