Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July Photo a Day

July 12th
The long drive back to KC. It rained off and on the entire drive home. But a rainbow greated us on the northern edge of the city!!!

July 11th
We were in Fort Dodge now visiting my Dad and his wife! Cousin Maxx came to "visit" with Quinn! He is about 2 months younger than Quinn. He was pretty unsure of her at first, but slowly warmed up to her. Unfortunately she then put him in a head lock and that was about the end of that!

July 10th
Today was Minnesota Aquarium and Mall of America Day. This photo was at the end of our time there. We saw a crowd of kiddos and saw they were having a dance party!!! Of course Kay jumped right in there with Kennedy! Owen later joined too!

July 9th
We all went to Como Park Zoo today! It was HOT but super fun. Some seals were swimming in this tank so we parked Quinn's stroller in front of it while most everyone else looked at different tank. This particular seal swam right up to the window (which was disgustingly dirty) and just stared right at Quinn for almost a minute! Pretty cute!!!

July 8th
We went to Mpls today!!!! We stayed with Kay and Kevin and Owen - sooo fun! For dinner we met Pam, Deb and Rich and ate at a fun Greek restaurant! I am bummed this was the only group shot I took and it didn't turn out the best. :(

July 7th
This was the day we spent in Red Wing. We have many fun photos to share, but this is photo a day, not photoS a day! We started our morning at this park with THE BEST playground I have ever seen!

July 6th
First leg of our vacation. We left KC at 4pm and arrive in Red Wing, MN at midnight. LONG LONG drive. But the girls were awesome passengers! Quinn took a cat nap before dinner and then crashed for good at 9pm. Kennedy held out until 10pm and Jeff was close behind her!

July 5th
It was the last t-ball game of the season - a make up game. Only problem - the other team didn't show! So our girls played each other and it worked wonderfully!!! Seriously, how cute is she?! And look at those big girl teeth coming in!!!

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