Friday, June 24, 2011

Pink Panthers T-Ball

T-Ball season is in full swing (actually, it is almost over!) This is Kennedy's first year and she is enjoying it! Her team is made up of many of her Girl Scout friends and they are called the Pink Panthers!!!

Being that this is the first year, there are no outs, everyone bats and there is no score. In an hour we usually make it through two long, slow innings. :) All the girls have shown great improvement this month!

Kennedy is a lefty - but she throws with her right! In the progression of photos below she was playing by the pitching mound. She had fielded a hit and was throwing to first base!

When they bat the coach pitches to them 3 times. Then they go to the tee. Miss K does a great job and more often than not hits the coach's pitch!

Even Quinn enjoys the games - here she is clapping for her sister! (Ok, so she is oblivious of the game. But she loves the outdoors and will clap when you clap!)

This, however, is the typical stance of most of the girls while out in the field! Just a bit bored!!!!

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