Friday, June 24, 2011

June Photo a Day Take 2

June Photo a Day Take 2....

June 15th
Jeff's Dad spent a week in Guatemala on a mission's trip. So we dogsat his sweet guy! All three dogs got along fabulously! Here they are sunning themselves on the deck! Looks like a dog pow-wow!

June 14th

Quinn likes to sit by the kitchen windows because they go to the floor. I got a decent shot of her and just was playing with some editing. :)

And another shot from that same day. I planted 3 bushes, transplanted 2 hostas, planted a strawberry plant and elephant ears and moved around some hanging plants and added more. This is just one hanging plant....again, playing with my edits!June 13th: no photo

June 12th
Yippee!!! The master bathroom renovation has begun! Jeff picked up the last of our supplies! They are all currently in the garage while we s-l-o-w-l-y work! This photo is of our new vanity top!!

June 11th
Kennedy was getting ready to leave for a week!! Since she was 2 years old she has gone to Iowa for a week and had "Grandma Camp" with my mom! You can't quite tell but their outfits are from the same line and coordinate wonderfully! *wink*

June 10th
Beach Birthday Bash for Vin! Kennedy's entire Kinder class was invited and it was a fabulous party!!!! Lots of swimming, water balloon toss, and bucket relay!

June 9th
The girls had their photos done today. After the professional shoot, we took them behind the concession/bathroom building and took some of our own. Here they are being silly!!!!

June 8th
Kennedy has always loved animals and bugs! On our patio we have an area that is very well shaded and many little creatures have made it their home. One summer it was some lizards! on this day Kennedy found lots of snails! She collected them all and put them in a pile! But that wasn't good enough, she had to hold them all and let them crawl all over her! Silly girl!

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