Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Photo a Day May Take 1

Here we go for May!!!!!!!!

May 6th
We had the first of our 2 day garage sale . Kennedy and her friend Kennedy decided to have their own little sale! They got out 2 baskets...filled one with bottled water and the other with leftover Easter candy! They put prices on each basket and began "singing" and " cheering" for customers! They had tons of fun! But I think they only made .30!!!!

May 5th
Homemade babyf ood! I bit the bullet and started to make some of my own food for Quinn. It is so stinkin' easy I am kicking myself that I didn't do it for Kennedy! On this night I made carrots, apples and peaches. Wanna guess what is in the photo below??!

May 4th
My lil sweetie! See, she really is getting hair!!!!

May 3rd
A bird in the tree by our front door!!!!!

May 2nd
Quinn REALLY wants to crawl, but I don't see it happening anytime soon! She will sometimes get up on all 4s but then do nothing! She gets so frustrated!!!!

May 1st
We had both the Papas over for dinner. I love all the generations here....just missing Lou! He hates having his photo taken!

April 30th
Soccer! Kennedy is in the blue - blocking the ball!!!!

april 29th
oops! no photo today!

april 28th
This is Kennedy with her preschool teacher Miss Jenny and her brand new baby. Miss Jenny was so VERY special to Kennedy...and obviously Miss Jenny loved Kennedy too! We were invited to her home to see sweet little Reece. Baby Reece came 6 weeks early and has had some very scary days. But she seems to be getting better slowly. (Miss Jenny's dog loved Kennedy too!)

April 27th

Quinn sleeping! I love that her legs are up! The blanket was mine when I was a is sooooo soft!

April 26th

Play date with a super fun friend!!!! Dressing up is always a blast!

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