Friday, May 20, 2011

More Photo a Day in May

May 13th
Soccer practice was rough!!! It was a super cold, super windy day! The girls had to bundle up and keep moving. Quinn and I sat in the car and watched. She played in the passenger seat for a bit while I organized coupons. Eventually she sat on my lap and pretended to drive!

May 12th
I guess I forgot to take a photo today! Oops!!

May 11th
We had a very fun afternoon with the Elliotts and Franklins at Deanna Rose Farmstead! The weather got a bit humid for May but it was still great! All the kiddos enjoyed feeding the animals, running around, playing on the playground and posing for photos. We stopped for popcicles at the barn and headed to the cars. As we hit the parking lot, the rain came! We timed it perfectly!

May 10th
Our last day of gymnastics for this school year. We have really loved our classes at
KGDC. And it is amazing that Kennedy was able to have 2 of her kindergarten friends in 3 of her 4 sessions! It was great fun for me to get to know their moms and grandmother better!

May 9th
Kennedy has always been a very affectionate girl. Luckily Quinn seems to enjoy it! I love that it appears Quinn is smiling....though I can't confirm that she really is! Sometimes it is hard to tell!

May 8th
Mother's Day! Jeff's family came over to our place to celebrate. We had some yummy food and spent some time taking photos of Baby Zia. When Kennedy and Elijah were little we took a photo of them sleeping next to each other on the living room floor and it has been a family favorite. So we posed Quinn and Zia for a similar photo....and Elijah and Kennedy had to jump into the photo!

May 7th
This was taken after a fun hula hoop exposition! I cannot believe how old she looks. She is missing FOUR teeth!!!!

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