Monday, May 30, 2011

Goodbye Jennifer

How can it be that you are gone? I still don't think I have my mind wrapped around it completely. The news hit me like a brick wall. I am sure it was the same with everyone else who knew you. How? Why? My mind was flooded with questions and I couldn't think straight. I still have many questions. But one lesson that grief has taught me is that asking why is futile. We will never know. Only Jesus can answer that. So, while I feel so deeply right now that there can be no good reason, I will chose to trust in Him, knowing that He has an answer and that He is good.

But that doesn't make me miss you any less. Jennifer. We may have known each other almost our entire lives! I am guessing we met for the first time before we were even aware of it! However, I have plenty of memories of childhood that do include you!
See that picture! This was in 1983. You, me, Gretchen and Ryan all bundled up on your Grandparent's porch swing! By the way we were dressed you would think it was a blizzard - but why is there no snow on the ground?!?! ;) A great deal of my memories from Terril have you in them. And your grandparent's old house.


This is a favorite picture. You, me, Kayleen at the Legion Hall in Terril - Thanksgiving 1988. Did we put on a show for our extended family that year? I can't remember. I just remember a lot of laughs and squealing. I think we ran around outside a lot this Thanksgiving because the weather was so nice. You were always so fast!!!!

************* Yet another photo of us together in Terril, all 3 of us circa 1992. By this point we were into boys...was this the weekend of the sesquicentennial? Did we end up going to the street dance in front of Legion Hall? I can't remember. But I do remember another dance we attended together. It was likely the next summer or that next year. You came and spent some time with me and my family in Hampton for awhile. I remember getting out the gymnastics mats and messing around in our side yard! What goofs!


Sadly, this may be the last picture I have of us together. My wedding in 2002. How can that be? You even lived and taught down here in KS. Why did we not spend more time together? I remember the time we set you up on a blind date with one of Jeff's friends and we went to an Italian restaurant! Afterward we came back to our house and I think we played games?!?! Jeff's friend was head over heels - he thought you were amazing! Because you were! But you two never spoke again - at least not to my knowledge!! ;)


When I think of you Jennifer, I think of a person who was bursting with energy and positivity! Your beautiful smile was always on your face - it could light up a room! You always seemed to have such a strong sense of who you were and you were so confident. Yet, you were never arrogant - quite the opposite. You were a fun-loving girl who was up for anything. Adventurous, vibrant, gorgeous, intelligent, kind, driven, a lover of family and life. You will be deeply missed by so many dear cousin.
Much love.

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