Sunday, May 29, 2011


Well, its Memorial Day Weekend. We always try to get out to the cemetery to spruce up Sam's site. But we ended up going earlier in the week.

Tornados were all around the KC area this past week. On Wednesday, one touched down very briefly in Louisburg, where the cemetery is. Kennedy and I watched a news story about a man who was in his pick up truck when the tornado picked it up, spun it around and dropped it back onto the ground. The state trooper was being interviewed at the site and it was by the cemetery! We later saw shots of trees down on top of graves. So we decided we should head out there to survey the damage the next day.

Luckily, the weather held out! Thankfully it was a small tornado that didn't do much damage. There were downed trees, but I assume they must have been sick or weaker trees as many, many others were totally fine. But here are some them...

Sam's are was fine! No damage at all! So we changed out the flowers, took out some decorations that had rusted over the winter, put out a new pfag and weeded. We had a little picnic lunch, too. It was Quinn's first time to "see" Sam's site...which Kennedy thinks is very important! So here they are at the cleaned up spot!

We miss our boy so very much! May you all have a blessed Memorial Day Weekend!!!

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