Monday, May 2, 2011

April Photo A Day Take 3

april 25th
Quinn is finally figuring out this feeder! It has a mesh bag for fresh fruit - she can mush it up with her gums and suck on it. When I fill it with bananas she devours them! I love this silly face!!!

april 24th
Such a cute photo of Quinn and Cousin Elijah! He was making silly faces and silly noises and she was just eating it up!!!! It looks like we will be spending lots more time with our cousins in the near future and I am soooo excited for the kiddos to bond more!

april 23rd
Poor Kennedy!!! She and I baked cookies on Thursday. I took one cookie sheet out of the oven and set it on the stove. I then got busy with something else. Kennedy went over to peek at the cookies and bumped her chin on the cookie sheet - she got quite the burn, poor baby! But she was super brave! (and wouldn't you know she had school photos the next morning?!)
Also, in this photo she is playing with her top, front tooth. It has been sooo loose! Kennedy was pushing it out and twisting it all around. I have some pretty gross photos of her tooth facing the wrong way and just hanging! She lost it the next morning!!!

april 22nd
I am not too proud to share a photo of this mess!! I have signed up with National Consumer Panel to track my purchases and earn rewards. Since I am such a coupon crazy and price watcher, it really just made sense for me to try the program out. However, when I make BIG grocery trips, it can be quite a bit of work! To save us the most money I usually shop at 3 different grocery stores a week and try to do it in one day, if possible. For NCP I have to scan each item purchased, enter price, choose if there was a sale price on the item, if I used a store coupon or manufacturer coupon, etc. That is for EACH item. So I had our purchases spread out all over the floor! Pretty silly photo but hey, this is our life! :)

april 21st
Just a normal day around our house today! My sweet girls spending time together!

april 20th
Happy Birthday Mema! This photo is really priceless! Mema with all her grandbabies (minus Zia who is still a bit too young to be near the cake!). She asked the kids to blow out the candles but they were trick candles that kept relighting. All 3 big kids are trying to huff and puff, Mema is cheering them on and Quinn is beginning to freak out!

april 19th
Kennedy's Daisy Scout troop were able to visit KMBC 9 News! I have to admit I thought it was super cool!!!! I had never been on a news set and I learned so much! The gals enjoyed themselves, though I don't know if they understood all they saw!!! Kennedy is 3rd from the left!

april 18th
Apparently this wasn't a very exciting day! This was my only photo - a trip to Target!!! But I must say it was a good trip!!! For all the items pictured below I paid $1.52!!!! Saved $12.36!!!!

April 17th
Beautiful Spring Day!!!! Kennedy has been wanting to pull Quinn in the wagon since Spring Break! She finally was able to today! Quinn ate it up!

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