Friday, April 1, 2011

March's End

Gonna try to keep this short and sweet!!

March 31st
Kennedy and her bff. The gals and the moms went consignment sale shopping and then to McD for lunch!
March 30th
My adorably tiny little niece, Zia (pronounces like Maya). Isn't she sweet?!

March 29th
Last fall Jeff was in the right place at the right time to help save a man's life. I am not kidding at all. Truthfully I believe God placed him there at that time. The story will likely be shared in another blog post. But....Jeff went to visit the man and his wife today. They have written out their account of their experience that day. They gave Jeff and copy and he brought it home to share. It is an amazing story. AMAZING. You can't read it without wanting to scream "Our God is Great!!!" So, this is just a snapshot of the beginning of this man's story of a near death/death experience.

March 28th
Just my super cute girl! Excited to wear "high heels" to school! Not so excited about them when I picked her up after school!!!

March 27th
Look who is sitting up!!!!!!

March 26th
Kennedy and her family of dolls and animals!!!

March 25th
Quinn is working soooo hard at trying to hold that darn bottle all by herself! She is quite persistent but doesn't have it fully figured out yet!

March 24th
Soccer Practice!!!!! K has on brown pants, the yellow jersey and purple sleeves.

March 23rd
Quinn loves her Jump-a-Roo! On this afternoon I put dog treats on the tray in front of her. We used to do this with tennis balls when Kennedy was little. Kennedy would giggle hysterically at Izzy while Izzy started down the ball. I was hoping for a similar reaction from Quinn but didn't quite get it! She watched the dogs intently but didn't really giggle much! And don't worry - the dogs know better than to lunge toward her. They never did more than sniff around for the treats!

March 22nd
Welcome to the world Baby Zia! Jeff's sister and her family welcomed child number 3 to their family! This is Elijah, K and Zia.

March 21st
Quinn's first time in a swing! This photo may not show it but she truly enjoyed it!!

March 20th
Just Izzy chillin' in her favorite spot. This reindeer dog toy has been her favorite. It was actually a gift to our old dog, Gabe. Izzy got the same gift that year and ripped hers to shreds. Gabe never played roughly with his. He died that fall (2005) and it became Izzy's toy. She NEVER played roughly with it...would just hold it in her mouth or hang with it like she is in the photo. Jeff and I like to think she realizes it was Gabe's and that is her "link" to him! I know, very unlikely, but it is the only soft toy she hasn't destroyed!!!!

March 19th
Our last day in Iowa. We went to dialysis to see what Gigi does when she is there. Then we went to brunch at Mimi's! Yum! I love that Kennedy is so attached to her great-grandparents!

March 18th
My grandmother with Quinn. (LOVE)

March 17th
Spring Break in Iowa still! This is my niece, Marin. She was chasing Kennedy all over my mom's backyard! They even had an impromptu 2-person parade using twigs from the tree to wave. Too cute!

We had a huge birthday weekend here! I am exhausted! Phew! A few pics will come later next week!!!

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