Saturday, April 16, 2011


Now that I finally have some local friends that have joined me in couponing, I feel "safe" to share my crazy shopping trips! Even a year ago, I thought most people would think I was crazy for the time and effort I put into saving and couponing. But with the new show "Extreme Couponing" and a local woman who runs a rockin' deals blog, many of my friends have jumped on board! Yippee!!! Now, if you have seen the TLC show you will likely think those families are a bit, well, EXTREME. And yes, I totally agree! I don't have a stockpile in every room of my house, I don't have 3 yrs worth of mustard or spend 3 hours in the check out lane. I do my best to get deals that we will actually use in the near future.

So, here are 3 trips I made yesterday!

TRIP #1: Hen House Supermarket
2 artichokes
2 Kraft Mayo/Miracle Whip
3 boxes of Puffs
1 box of brownies
3 containers of Philadelphia Cooking Creme
8 bags of shredded cheese

TOTAL: $21.01
SAVED: $39.46

This store doubles coupons up to $1.00, they had a special deal where you buy 10 Kraft items, you save $5, they have their own coupon book not found in the newspapers or online.

TRIP #2: Walgreens

2 Skittle Easter Eggs
2 M&M Easter Eggs
1 Enfamil Formula
1 Gatorade Fit Perform
1 Gatorade Fit Prime
1 Gatorade Fit Recover

$10 in Mail in Rebates
NEW TOTAL: $16.08

I was disappointed in this run. I have enough coupons to get 2 formulas but they only had one container left. So I had to get a raincheck. Also, this store has its own coupons - one specifically for infants. It had another $2 off the formula but this store was out of the coupon booklets. Finally, the formula was on sale but rang up full price and I wasn't paying close enough attention to notice until I got home. Live and learn. I should have saved another $4.


TRIP #3: WalMart
2 Powerade Zero
2 Similac Sensitive
1 Aquafresh toothpaste
1 Reach floss

TOTAL: $2.56

I accidentally grabbed the wrong floss and spent $1.08 more than the cheaper version. My total could have been even less! Walmart has a new coupon policy where they give you any overage from your coupons!!!

What do you think? Have I convinced anyone to try couponing?! :)

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