Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April Photo a Day Take 1

April 7th
This photo is such poor quality. But I don't care! My bff and Kennedy's bff went to a consignment sale. (big surprise, right?!) In the check out line this man was playing his guitar. The girls immediately wanted to dance! They are both such performers! It was adorable - even though the picture is totally wonky!

April 6th
Ooops - I guess I didn't take a photo!

April 5th
Kennedy's actual birthday! She was opening her gift from Dad and Mom. She was very surprised!!!!

April 4th
Normal day - watched the National Basketball Championship game.
April 3rd
Just Quinn enjoying her bath!!!!

April 2nd
Kennedy's family birthday! Loving on Cousin Logan!!!!

April 1st
Kennedy's birthday party! The gals LOVED playing dress up in Kennedy's closet! The cheese pizza we got for the girls burned. :( So while Jeff dashed out to get another pizza, I stalled by having the girls parade up and down the street in their "model" outifts! Here are just 3 of the girls skipping down the street!!! It was a super fun party for the girls!

Thanks for taking a peek!

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