Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More Photo a Day...

March 7th
Kennedy is reading Quinn books! Kennedy is so excited about reading - she loves to read to Quinn!

March 6th
Coupons, coupons. I currently searching for a new way to organize mine.

March 5th
Jeff took this photo! He and Kennedy playing Jenga. We got this game from Aunt Barbara and Kennedy is LOVING it!

March 4th
This was Sam's 3rd birthday. It was a rainy afternoon so we didn't make it to the cemetery. But this is the cake Kennedy and I made for Sam!! She wrote "Sam is 3." She had a blast getting it ready, singing to him, and offering him a bite of cake (by holding her fork up to the sky).

March 3rd
Kennedy and Taylor had a play date today. The weather was sooo nice! I walked Quinn while they scootered!!!

March 2nd
Just Between Friends Consignment Sale! I spent lots of time there during the week and weekend!!!
March 1st
The weather was fabulous and the sun was shining! Kennedy and I decided to paint our nails out on the deck. Copper was sunning himself right beside us so I decided to paint his nails too! Kennedy thought it was the funniest thing ever! So she painted his back paws and the painted Izzy's! Can you tell on of Copper's feet is blue and the other is green?

February 28th
Gymnastics!!! This is Kennedy and Kennedy being silly!!!! It was the last day of their 2nd level class. I wanted all 4 gals to get their photo together, but only two cooperated! Of course the Kennedy's were all over having their photos taken!
February 27th
I. Hate. Cleaning. Bottles. And. Nipples.

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