Friday, March 25, 2011

March Photo Day Take 2

March 16
Spring Break in Iowa! Kennedy scootering with Papa Doug!!

March 15th

An early birthday celebration for Kennedy at Grandpa and Grandma Janke's house!!! Yummy cake!!

March 14th
My little reader! I love watching her! I am truly amazed by how much her reading has improved just since August! She is starting to read beginning chapter books and it blows my mind! She really comprehends what she is reading and enjoys each story!
March 13th
Oops - didn't get a photo in this day. :(

March 12th
Sleepover with her friend, Taylor. A new favorite activity is washing Barbies in sinks! Go figure!!

March 11th
Just a cute shot of Quinn. She is getting plumper for sure!!!!

March 10th

Playdate with friend Ava! They were practicing their writing skills! :)

March 9th
This is the scene at doggie dinner time each evening! Kennedy's chore is to feed them. When she grabs their bowls and heads to the garage to fill them, they run to the garage door and stand at attention!!!

March 8th
Quinn! Finally enjoying eating her baby food! Hooray!!!!!!!!

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