Thursday, February 10, 2011

Photo a Day

Here we go...February Photo a Day!!

February 7th
This was a super important day! Kennedy lost her very first tooth! We had a dentist appointment just days earlier. The hygenist told Kennedy she had two loose teeth - Kennedy hadn't even noticed! While brushing her teeth tonight, she bumped it out!!! There is a video of her telling about it in the previous post. Those baby teeth are soooo tiny!

February 6th
Super Bowl Sunday!
We were still recovering from the sickies but headed to the Elliott's for Bible Study and then the big game! Go Packers!

February 5th
We celebrated Cousin Logan's 7th birthday today! We can't believe Logan is SEVEN!!!

February 4th
Just a screen shot of This is a pretty cool site for tracking your spending and such. I love that it allows me to break down my spending very specifically. For instance, I can have a section for cleaning supplies and specify for what room they are for - kitchen, laundry, bathroom, etc. Very cool!

February 3rd
Just a fun shot of our little sunshine! Her little personality is really starting to shine - she is such a blessing to us!

February 2nd
Quinn's exersaucer is one of her favorite toys right now. When she sees it she starts kicking her legs and her eyes sparkle! It is adorable!

February 1st
Snow, snow, snow.....a good foot of it! School was called off for 3 days. But Kennedy was already staying home sick. :(

January 31st
Kennedy is still sick, as is Miss Quinn. We made a bed on the couch for her. She has enjoyed drawing on the dry erase board! We have thrown in some penmanship practice as well!

January 30th

See that little "obey" sign? This is part of some "homeschooling" we have been doing. Kennedy and I are both fully enjoying it! I found the most amazing blog Confessions of a Homeschooler and we are implementing her Bible Character Studies. This week we learned about Obedience. One of our activities was to write the word obey on notecards and place them in specific places in our home where we might need to be reminded to obey. The places we chose were: Kennedy's bedroom, the television, the computer and the pantry. :)

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