Friday, February 18, 2011

Photo a Day thru 2/16

Let's get started!!!

February 16th
Today is just a shot of the gals wearing their matching Matryoshka doll shirts!!! Kennedy LOVES to match with her sis! And this shot was her idea!

February 15th
Kindergarten stuff! Kennedy plowed through her Kindergarten sight words and is working on the 1st grade words. She would much rather read a book than read a list of words (who can blame her) so we make slower progress through these! But I am sure she will have them down by her 6th birthday!! We just got the results from her Kindergarten reading assessment and I must say we are MORE than pleased! What a blessing it is that she has such a sharp mind and passion for learning - it will serve her well her entire life!

February 14th
Valentine's Day! Kennedy and I made these cute little number from scratch! I found a recipe online and changed it up a tiny bit. We took them to her school party but I think the kids had been eating so much gunk already that half of them were thrown out! Oh well! The process of baking was fun!

February 13th
My sweet, sweet girl showing off her NEW big girl smile! I seriously get teary eyed when I see those two holes in her mouth!!

February 12th
Landen had his 6th birthday party - a pajama movie party! Kennedy fully enjoyed lounging with her friend Nathan! Aren't they cute?!

February 11th
Kennedy actually lost her second tooth on February 10th. She was spending the night with her friend Taylor! So we decided the tooth fairy probably didn't know where Taylor lived and we put it under our pillow the next day at home! We have a Tooth Fairy book that tells all about tooth fairies and why they collect teeth - it is a sweet story! It even came with its own special velvet bag to put her tooth in under her pillow - it makes it easier for the tooth fairy to find it! *wink* The back of the book lets her chronicle the loss of her teeth and has a page to color in each tooth as it falls out!

February 10th
I just have to share this one....I could just eat her up!

February 9th
Tummy time! It is not her favorite for sure! She makes quite a few crazy faces to show her dislike for it!

February 8th
Family movie night! It was our second time seeing it - but it is still cute! Kennedy really loves movies about dogs!!!!

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