Saturday, February 26, 2011

February's End

Continuing with February's Photo A Day!

February 26th
This was a big day! Kennedy and Jeff went to a Father-Daughter Masquerade Ball with the Girl Scouts! Kennedy got her hair cut, too! She and Daddy created their own Masquerade masks together Friday night. She and I had chosen their corsage and boutineer in advance, too! They both dressed up, went out to dinner at Kennedy's restaurant choice (IHOP), and then danced the night away!!!! I know it is a memory Kennedy will keep in heart forever!

February 25th
Miss Quinn was taking a bath! She loves baths but this adorable smile was in response to Kennedy squirting her with a bath toy! Oh how she loves her big sister!

February 24th
It snowed again! I snapped a quick shot before heading to bed.

February 23rd
It is consignment sale time again!!!! I have been busy sorting, pricing and tagging Kennedy's outgrown clothing and toys. This sweater was part of a sweet Gymboree set that I loved but Kennedy never really cared for!

February 22nd
Today the girls were almost matching again. Pretty cute, eh? As I look at this photo I am trying to imagine them sitting together in 5 years. Hmmm...a 10yr old and a 5yr old...I hope they still love each other to pieces as they do now!

February 21st
Grandma Lori came for a long visit! Before she left we tried to get some photos of her and her grandgirls!

February 20th
Grandma Lori enjoyed the time with the girls and they loved having her visit! Kennedy sure loves having Grandma read to her!

February 19th
Grandma Lori was having too much fun playing with Quinn! I just love this shot because I can hear my mom laughing!!!

February 18th
Cousins Logan and Elijah came by for a short visit! Here Kennedy and Elijah are playing horses and Barbies. The weather was nice enough for them to play in the sandpile too!!!

February 17th
We visited the Franklin family this day! I was helping some friends prepare for the upcoming consignment sales - the kids had a blast playing all afternoon! But the funniest part of the day was getting stuck in the mud at their house! My dear friend, Jennie, had to push our van out - it was quite the sight!!!

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