Monday, December 20, 2010

The Adventures of Elfie

Greetings from the Holsapple Household!!!!
Before the holidays are in full swing I thought I would share what Elfie has been up to this year! In case you don't know who Elfie is, I will give a quick overview. There is a book called The Elf on the Shelf which you can find at most any book store.

Our elf made his appearance in our house when Kennedy was 3.5yrs old. She named him Elfie. Each year shortly after Thanksgiving, Elfie is sent by Santa to our home. His job is to keep watch over Kennedy during the day. Each night he flies back to the North Pole to report on Kennedy's behavior. Each morning he is back in our home in time for Kennedy to wake but he is in a new spot! It is so fun looking for him each morning!

I just wanted to share where Elfie has been hanging out and some trouble he has gotten in to!

#1 We have Rudolph on top of our tree and Elfie was found riding him!

#2 Elfie made himself some cookies! He made a big mess with the chips and even left flour footprints on the oven!

#3 Elfie asked Kennedy to read him her "baggie book" from Kindergarten.

#4 Elfie was hanging out with this old Santa of Jeff's.

#5 Elfie got into Kennedy's undies and hung them on the tree!!!!!

#6 Elfie must have been playing with Kennedy's My Little Pet Shop toys! On this morning he brought back an important note from Santa!

#7 Elfie was sitting on the wreath on Kennedy's bedroom door.

#8 Elfie was sitting on top of our mini tree.

#9 Elfie made himself comfy in a little bowl of Fruit Loops.

#10 Elfie was hanging in the light about the dining room table.

#11 Elfie was in the freezer! He must have been missing the cold of the North Pole!

#12 He was on the doll house!

#13 Elfie used Mom's lipstick to leave Kennedy a note on he bathroom mirror.

#14 Elfie and Barbie had a little marshmallow fight!

Elfie has had a couple other adventures and I am sure will have a few more before Christmas Eve arrives! We love this tradition!

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