Monday, November 1, 2010

The Princess & The Pepper

As promised, I am sharing our Halloween fun!!! Kennedy chose a Princess Tiana costume this year. However, it was very cheaply made and started fraying after the first wear. But she wore it to her Kindergarten party, the junior high trick or treating night and to Awana. She has so many dress up outfits that she chose a pirate costume to wear trick or treating to Daddy's work, Snow White to wear to the MNU holiday party and Princess Belle for the real trick or treating deal! Geesh - when I type it all out you can really see how "festive" this week was!!!! is Kennedy posing before trick or treating!!!!

And here is our little Chili Pepper!!!! She came trick or treating just down to the end of our street and then headed home with was a tad too cold for any more!

We trick or treated with our neighbor and kindergarten classmate Kennedy. Yes, they are both named Kennedy!!! And aren't they cute?!?!

Daddy dressed up Copper and he helped great the trick or treaters at our door! He has turned into such a good dog! He just watched the kids come and go....a year ago he would have bolted out the door and run the neighborhood for a few hours!

Here are the happy trick or treaters!!!
We joined up with friend Kelsey for a little bit, too!
All in all it was a fabulous night!!!!! Thanks for taking a peek!
Be blessed!

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