Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November in Photos

Recent photos of the girls are quite overdue - especially for the out of state grandparents!!! This post is pretty much dedicated to the first week or so of November!!! It is quite photo heavy to hang on!!!

On this Saturday afternoon Quinn was enjoying time with Dad! She is enjoying soft toys that make gentle sounds right now! She is making the sweetest little gurgling sounds along with some ah ah sounds - it really is THE most delicious sound! Quinn is smiling daily and it warms all our hearts! I caught a quick shot of Dad "tickling" Quinn with Mr. Alligator - she was loving it!

Not long after I took that shot Copper the dog started to get jealous! He is a big lab but thinks he is a lap dog. If you sit on the floor you can bet he will be over to lay on top of you! Sure enough, he came over and flopped down onto Jeff's legs. Miss Quinn has been noticing the dogs for the last 2 weeks or so! It started with their wagging tails, but now she REALLY sees all of them! Her eyes will get really big, she will get very serious and eventually smile really big! Copper was in the perfect spot for Quinn to check him out....can you see the intent look on her face (aka the BIG eyes!!)?
I am fully enjoying watching Kennedy with her baby sister. Before she was born, I was confident that Kennedy would be smitten. But I also thought the newness would wear off quickly and we would see some acting out and possible jealousy issues. Honestly, we have seen very little! Kennedy is an exceptional child and I know she will be an exceptional big sister. I will let these photos speak for themselves!

In the last week I added some photos of the girls to Facebook and have gotten some questions about their wardrobe! If you know me well, you know that dressing my girls is totally fun for me! Sniffing out a bargain, finding little treasures and getting unique outfits is almost like another hobby! I realized that I need to take more photos of the girls IN their outfits so I can look back and remember them! So here are just a few shots of what they have been wearing recently...I will try to intentionally take photos from here on out! (and I will include where I got the outfits because I am ALWAYS asked were I found them!)

First up is Miss Quinn is this soft cotton kimono set from Mad Sky. I love that Mad Sky is American made...you don't find that very often!!! I believe I bought this set on Ebay. The socks are Trumpette and were a gift form Grandma Lori!!On this day I dressed Quinn first. It was chilly and so I picked this warm red set from Janie and Jack. Well, Kennedy wanted to match so they could be the "red princesses" so she grabbed this vintage Hanna Andersson set! I think I found the old Hanna set at a garage sale of all places and Quinn's is from the retail store. Velour in winter is wonderful, don't you think?!
This is what Kennedy wore on Veteran's Day! Red, White & Blue! Shoes, tights, skirt are Gap (I think the Mount Snow line 2010) and the top is Old Navy from a clearance sale last year!
Kennedy in more Gap!!! This is the dance line - some pieces are retail from last year and some are from this fall's outlet version.
And I will end with Miss Quinn in some Baby Lulu. This was a favorite brand of mine when Kennedy was younger! I think I found this at a consignment shop. I love that it has a matching bow...but Quinn does NOT like anything on her head! Bows and hats do not stay on long because she SCREAMS!!!!
Ok.....I am off to bed. I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
Be Blessed!

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  1. I absolutely adore the way you dress the girls. They always look too cute for words and I'm not saying this because I'm Grandma either.


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