Thursday, July 1, 2010

Swim Lessons!

Kennedy completed her first ever swim lessons this month!!! And she loved every minute of it! Luckily the lessons are at an indoor pool because it rained a lot for those two weeks! However, on watch day that meant it was super hot and loud and the lighting was stinky for photos!

A few days before lessons started Kennedy started to get a tad nervous. She was really worried the instructors would make her dive off the side! I tried to assure her that they wouldn't make her try anything she wasn't ready for and we walked through things she could say if she were scared or nervous.

But when I picked her up after her first lesson she had a HUGE smile on her face and said, "It was WONDERFUL!" She then looked forward to lessons every day!
Her main instructor was a boy named Luke. The secondary instructor was Megan. Kennedy was so thrilled!!! Miss Megan used to help out occasionally at her preschool! I was happy that she had someone she already knew!
Can you tell she wasn't a huge fan on the backfloat?! Check out that face!!! But now, two weeks after lessons, she is floating all over the pool by herself!!!

This was the end of lessons - they each got a sucker! And a certificate! Kennedy passed her level!!! I was so thrilled and so was she! Immediately she asked if she could start the next level the next week! Having your child master a skill like swimming is so fun to watch! Being that Jeff and I both spent so much time in the water as kids, we wanted Kennedy to be able to enjoy it as well! I think we first took her to the pool at 8 weeks old!!!! ;) She has always been comfortable in the water and now can get herself around the pool quite well! Way to go Kennedy!!!!

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  1. That's awesome. I keep wishing we could do this for our kids. Maybe next year . . .


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