Saturday, June 19, 2010

Our Handmade Bird Snacks!!!

We have been thoroughly enjoying all the birds in our backyard this summer! Thanks to Papa Keith, Kennedy is in LOVE with learning the types of birds and their calls! He got her THIS amazing book that we just love!!!! They have them for different regions of the US. It shows you photos of various birds, tells you about them, and then it will play their song(s). It is sooo cool!!!!

Anywhooooo, we checked out lots of bird books from the library. A few of them showed different ways to make snacks for your backyard birds. So I tweaked them a bit and this is what we came up with.

We got 2 sturdy paper cups. Then poked holes in the bottom and strung ribbon through them for hanging.

Here is Kennedy with our ingredients! Our birdfood and some Crisco and a bowl!!!

We melted the Crisco and added birdfood until it wasn't runny anymore.

Then we poured the mix into the cups and let it harden. In retrospect I would have used sturdier cups - the Crisco soaked through the bottom a bit but it still held.
Here is one hanging by our two birdfeeders!!!!
And this one is hanging right outside Kennedy's new playhouse window!!! We haven't actually seen any birds snacking on them yet! :( Maybe we will try again and add peanut butter next time!!!! Or maybe we are too impatient and need to wait another few days!!!

And last but not least I will leave you with a photo of Kennedy "playing" with her snail friends!!! She loves to let them crawl up her arms! Unfortunately, they often fall off and get cracks in their shells! Eek! But they still manage to crawl away!!

Enjoy your Father's Day weekend!!!!!

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