Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kennedy's Playhouse in Progress

Yippee!!!! Kennedy is getting a playhouse! Jeff scored this huge crate at work! We have been storing it for quite a while and finally are able to use it!!!! It doesn't look like much yet, but just wait and see! When Jeff & I put our heads together we can do pretty darn well!!!

Below, Kennedy had a blast helping Daddy paint the outside! He said she got more paint on herself and the tarp than the house!!!

The playhouse painted and dried!!!!

All the trim, door and fence. We painted for a long time.....but it is going to be so cute!!!!!

Those are all the photos I have for now! The playhouse is now up in the yard and she has been playing in it! We got a rug and I bought fabric to make curtains! Hopefully I can share photos of the finished project soon!!!

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