Friday, May 21, 2010

Mother's Day

I am aware how late these are. But I don't really care!!!! Just wanted to share some photos from our fun evening together. For some reason, we did not get photos of the mothers...go figure, huh?! As warning, I am not liking most of the post processing I did with these photos. But I am feeling to lazy to go back and re-edit them so you will just have to deal with ! ;)

Memaw had the kids make us mothers a surprise gift! While we relaxed the kids painted a pot and planted a flower in it! This is Memaw and the kids getting ready to bring the surprise to the mommies! (isn't their deck and yard amazing?)

Papa Jim has fixed up this old fort so the kids can now play in it! I see lots of summer memories being made there in the future!

The dogs were "playing" but being very noisy! The kids were just a little concerned that Larry was hurting Charlie!!!

And just a shot of them running through the outdoor wonderland that is Memaw and Papa's yard. It is the most amazing little oasis in suburbia!!!

I am behind on editing photos - the story of my life! So stayed tuned for more later!

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